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How Samsung used the power of marketing during the Galaxy Note 7 crisis


According to Pio Scunker, Samsung’s head of global brand marketing for the mobile business, the company was going through a rebranding exercise when the Galaxy Note 7 crisis hit.

Note 7 Monitoring

Samsung then tried to revamp image with advertisements that humanised the brand and connected with people everywhere. Its Rio Olympics in 2016 was cited as an example of this by Schunker. Samsung was seeing signs of success from its efforts, although it all went awry with the Galaxy Note 7 recall.

“Just when things were starting to go right, things went horribly wrong,” he said. Samsung’s first priority was to rebuild trust through first addressing the root cause of the issue before identifying a solution. Over the upcoming months, the company saw its brand slowly regaining trust. As it prepared to release the Galaxy S8, Samsung made every possible effort in ensuring nothing goes wrong with it.

From the looks of it, Samsung managed to recover from its worst branding disaster.

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