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Artificial intelligence for the Samsung Galaxy S9 has been teased

For flagship smartphones, artificial intelligence is the next frontier to fight in. Just about every smartphone maker is building hardware components into their devices in order to power AI features. For example, Huawei recently launched a new smartphone that as a dedicated Neural Processing Unit inside its processor.

Samsung Galaxy AI UX

Samsung may have just revealed that it is doing something similar during the launch of its Bixby Voice in China, by announcing that the Galaxy S9 UX is going to be rebranded to Galaxy Ai UX, suggesting that AI could play a bigger role on the Galaxy S9. Reports claim that the Galaxy S9 will also have its own neural engine, which is to be used for the depth-sensing camera which will improve facial recognition on the Galaxy S9. Having a dedicated AI co-processor leaves the main processor free to take care of everything else.

The company is reported to have invested in DeePhi Tech, an AI technology startup based in China. Furthermore, Samsung made a USD30 million investment in UK-based AI company Graphcore in September 2017. | | | | | |