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A limited OnePlus 5T Star Wars Edition could be in the works

To coincide with the launch of the new Star Wars movie which will premier on 15 December 2017, OnePlus is reportedly working on a special edition version of OnePlus 5T.

Star Wars One Plus 5T

A report posted on XDA Developers was retracted for unknown reasons, where it revealed that an anonymous reader found several of references for Star Wars in the OnePlus 5 Android Oreo closed beta build. Upon further inspection, it was discovered that there may be a special edition of the forthcoming OnePlus 5T.

Apparently, the OxygenOS seems to be tied to the theme of the movie as there was a reference to the color accent of Star Wars in the code finds. The hex code for #ff2837 for the dark red colour was discovered, which is similar to the colour scheme used for promotional posters of the forthcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie. As such, the speculated limited edition of OnePlus 5T just go with that theme.

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