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Maxis starts Register Of Interest (ROI) for iPhone 5
December 4, 2012
Maxis started its Register of Interest (ROI) page for the iPhone 5. So sign up here if you are pining for the Apple’s latest smartphone next Friday
UMobile offers contract bundles HTC Windows Phone 8X
December 4, 2012
It looks like U Mobile is ready to introduce the HTC Windows Phone 8X with three contract bundles
iPhone 5 confirmed for Malaysia launch on December 14
December 3, 2012
Apple has just handed a press release which confirms that the iPhone 5 will be landing in Malaysia on December 14.
TableTalk with YES’ CEO Wing K. Lee Part 1
November 30, 2012
We sat down with Yes CEO Lee who told us more about the company's WiMAX services as well as the Eclipse 4G smartphone
Maxis offers unlimited mobile data, will only throttle speeds
November 30, 2012
Beginning 3rd December 2012, Maxis postpaid users will no longer need to look over their shoulders when streaming video on their smartphones
Malaysian Evernote and Moleskine meet up saw enthusiasts mingle
November 29, 2012
Digital meets analogue in Bangsar today when users and enthusiasts of both Evernote app and the Moleskine physical notebook came together
Samsung Galaxy Camera now available in Malaysia for RM1,899.
November 29, 2012
Samsung has finally made available their Galaxy Camera, which is touted to be the first ever truly connected camera.
Spread the tech - join the the Tech Cycle movement
November 28, 2012
The TECH CYCLE programme launched by SOLS Tech in collaboration with Hong Leong Foundation will find new homes for unwanted gadgets and devices.
Asus reduced Nexus 7 price to RM899
November 26, 2012
The intrepid folks at managed to snag an ad in a local daily that shows an official price reduction for the Asus' 16GB Nexus 7
U Mobile latest telco to offer Galaxy Note II postpaid plans
November 23, 2012
Might have taken longer than some other telco service providers in Malaysia, but U Mobile makes up for it by offering Samsung Galaxy Note II for RM899

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