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iflix Adds Korean, Anime & Local Channels & More To Their Growing Library

iflix is making it even more difficult for you to put down that remote/smartphone/tablet as the world leading’s Subscription Video on Demand service for emerging markets is introducing new Channels from some of the world’s most popular and exciting entertainment studios and brands!


Launched in August, Channels combines the best of traditional pay television with the benefits of on-demand services. These on-demand Channels showcase many of the world’s best and most exciting entertainment studios and brands along with users’ favorite content genres in a dynamic, engaging and easy to navigate channel interface.


Now you can watch new content such as everyone’s favorite hit blockbuster Train to Busan, popular Korean drama W-Two World, and critically-acclaimed anime series Attack on Titan whenever and wherever you are on your TV/smartphone/tablet on these new channels – tvN Movies, Oh!K and Aniplus!

tvN Movies – Train to Busan, Fabricated City, My Annoying Brother, A Werewolf Boy, Sunny, Master, New Trial, One Way Trip and The Age of Shadows

Oh!KW-Two Worlds, Weightlifting Fairy, Infinite Challenge, Lucky Romance, The Flower in Prison, and Shopaholic Louis

Aniplus – Attack on Titan, Bungo Stray Dogs, Erased, Kiznaiver, Myriad Colors Phantom World, Rokka Braves of the Six Flowers, and Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls From A Dungeon.

And that’s not all as you also have access to genre Channels, which is specially-curated editorial collections that enhance content discovery based on your unique preferences. Below are some of the genre Channels you can find and what shows are available.

TempatanKL Gangster, Rindu Awak 200%, Juvana, Karak, KL Zombi, Highland Tower and Magika

Action – Pearl Harbour, Snowpiercer, Kill Bill Volume 1&2, The Expendables Trilogy, Kick-Ass and Jack Reacher

DramaTranscendence, 50/50, Warrior, and Chef, Midnight Texas, Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries.


With so much new content to watch at the same price of just RM10 a month, you can’t find a better value-for-your-money video on demand service than iflix. New subscribers can try iflix out for free for a month. Visit or download the free app for iOS and Android devices.


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