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HOW TO : Turn Off Facebook Push Notifications on iOS 7

One of the best things introduced in smartphones is the advent of push notifications, first introduced in the iPhone. Push notifications let you know immediately if you received an update over an email, on in a social network.

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Push notifications can be enormously useful when you need that email reply urgently, or you have your messaging services synced together for efficient communication. But if you’re an avid Facebook user on mobile, or even if you’re not, notifications getting pushed from the world’s most populous social network can get more than annoying, they can downright get in the way of other functions you are trying to perform on your iPhone.

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Facebook settings on iPhoneFacebook push notifications on iOS7

                                 Facebook settings on iOS6 vs Notification Center in iOS7

The same applies as a privacy concern, as nonstop Facebook notifications will keep appearing even when you’re smartphone is unattended, and as long as the native Facebook application is running. While you can turn off notifications from within the app itself, many people still seem unaware that you can turn off push notifications, or they might not be sure how to do so on their iPhone.

Notification center iOS7

In iOS6, users just had to go to the Settings app and tap on Facebook, from which you could manage various settings within the Push Notifications option, including the messages, wall posts, and friend requests. Now in iOS7, Apple has introduced the Notifications Center in the Settings app itself.

From the Notifications Center, all apps with push notifications will now be shown at the top- in the iPhone, this list can be customised according to which apps you want to receive alerts from. Once Facebook is selected, you can choose what type of alert you receive: either a banner alert displayed at the top of the screen in a non-intrusive manner, or the normal iPhone alert which blares in the middle of your screen in a desperate cry for attention, but you can select even if you want it to appear over the lock screen in the Notification Center.

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You can also select if your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S will have audio alerts, and if the notification will appear overlaid on the badge app icon. Lastly, you choose how many of the recent notifications you would like to be presented, which both shows the level of customisation and the level of simplicity that has been introduced with the Notification Center in iOS7. | business loans with poor credit | fax loan no no payday teletrack | business loans with poor credit | fax loan no no payday teletrack | business loans with poor credit | fax loan no no payday teletrack