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How To Take Perfect Shots With The vivo V11 AI Camera

vivo first introduced AI camera features on the V9 with AI Bokeh and AI HDR to make getting that perfect Instagram shot that much easier with some form of advanced assistance. Their latest release, the V11, not only improves on what the V9 does but adds several more AI features that cover even more grounds to take assisted mobile photography to the next level. So take full advantage of these features with the V11 and ace your Instagram game like never before!

1.   AI Bokeh

Taking advantage of the V11’s dual rear cameras setup, you can snap some truly stunning and interesting blurred-background portraits. Of course, these bokeh shots aren’t at all new but the V11 has a leg up over some other phones by allowing you to adjust the part of the shot you would want to be blurred out as well as the degree of blurring to your liking in post-processing. The cool thing is you can always come back to change things up and get a different perspective of the same exact shot.

2.   AI Backlight HDR

We all know the all-too-common perils of taking a snap of a subject while shooting directly towards a bright light source, such as the sunlight – the subject more often than not turns out dark. This feature makes use of AI algorithm to capture multiple frames, correcting uneven exposures, and combining them to create perfectly-exposed photos. The details are fully-fleshed out and the colors are preserved. Never be afraid of the sun ever again.

3.   AI Low Light Mode

On the flipside, shooting in the dark is also a pain point for many smartphone cameras. Pictures more often than not turn out noisy and blurry and this has been a struggle for smartphone photography for years. The V11 attempts to solve this age-old problem with algorithm capturing up to six images and combining them into one. The results are more-detailed and less noisy photos, and you don’t even have to do anything more than just point and shoot like normal as the software does everything automatically for you.

4.   AI Scene Recognition

Most photo subject involves things like the sky, food and pets. The AI Scene Recognition on the V11 knows what you’re shooting and intelligently and automatically adjusts the most optimum camera settings for each scene category. Say if you’re shooting a food picture, the result would see your pasta or your waffle looking more appetising on camera with higher color contrast, while a flower will see colors that pop out more. Again, all these processes happen in the background and do not require any sort of extra input on your part so you can just concentrate on getting that perfect angle right.

5.   AI Portrait Framing

Speaking of angle, the V11 has this very interesting AI feature that addresses a different photo-taking element of that we seldom see in other phones. When taking portrait shots, the camera can actually guide you by directing you via on-screen prompts to hold your phone in an optimal position in relative to your subject’s position to get the best framed portraits. If getting the right framing angle has always been a struggle for you, this feature will definitely help you to become a better photographer.

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