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How Much Of Your Phone Is Actually Screen?

There was a time when the front of a mobile phone is dominated by keypads. Then as time goes by and technology becomes more and more advanced, the display screen slowly take over the front panel. The adage “What goes up must come down” certainly does not ring true in this context (No, all the “mini” don’t count).

From the old but gold Nokia 3310 to the BlackBerrys to the iPhones and Samsungs to the Xperias and Lumias, the increase of screen size with every new mobile phones pushes the number of clickable surface further down and down, to the point that there are virtually no physical buttons on the front of lot of smartphone these days.

Then when the era of keypads are truly over, another question emerges – Can we go 100%, screen-wise? The current trend is clearly heading towards that direction, what with the latest smartphones slowly but surely pushing their display to the edges (literally).

While a phone fully made up of display on its front is not here yet (perhaps a year or two away) @SOMOSPOSCTOC has come up with a very interesting look into how much of your phone is actually dominated by its display.


For now, the LG G2 is the overall winner here, with its screen dominating 75% on the front. Second place goes to the Samsung Note 3 while the LG G Pro snags third place. Does that tell you something? Could LG be the first phone maker to achieve the 100%-screen feat?

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-3-vs-LG-G2-001LG G2 & Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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Meanwhile, the findings also reveal something that will either make you happy or sad, depending on which side of the camp you are in. iPhones, even the latest one, trail behind most of the popular smartphones. Even the cheap Motorola Moto G, which is no match to the iPhone 5s in most if not all departments, is ranked higher than the premium phone.

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