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honor 10 First Look: Color Us Impressed

The honor 8 marks a turning point for honor. It sees a big shift from the then metal-heavy smartphone design template to a predominantly glass one that is the hallmark of today’s best designs. Not just any glass, but one with “aurora effect” that is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Now, honor is all set to do it again with the honor 10. To describe it as another radical change is perhaps inaccurate. The honor 10 is unmistakably a further progress in the evolution started by the honor 8, yet it has its own defining identities to stand out on its own. This is a familiar honor smartphone, yet it feels different.

The differences largely falls on two very visible factors – the front and back design. Let’s start with the front. The first thing you will notice upon turning up the display is the notch. Yes, its 2018. And yes, Android phones are openly embracing the notch. Get over it. Like most Android phones before this which have gone down the notch road, the notch is not as wide as the one on the iPhone X, if that’s any consolation. And like a number of Android phones before this, the software allows you to virtually get rid of the notch if it so offends you.

Like the honor View10, the honor 10 brings back the fingerprint reader to the front but unlike the one on the former, it is now completely flushed under the glass. It is not quite in-screen-fingerprint-reader but it certainly gives a much cooler and satisfying look than what was done conventionally. Aesthetics plus points aside, it also allows for wet and greasy fingers to work on it.

The scene-stealer though is at the back of the device. It looks a combination between the honor 8/honor 9 and the Huawei P20 Series’ gradient colorway. What you are seeing here is the Phantom Blue colorway that sees a mixture of blue and violet. There’s even a crazier color mixture with the Phantom Green model featuring sea blue and jewelry green. The eyegasmic look is achieved via a complicated process that involves the use of 3D glass, a 15-layer craftsmanship and nano-scale optical coating. honor says it takes as much time to manufacture the glass back alone as it takes to make a smartphone.

The other exterior elements you will find is the power/lock button, volume rocker, a slightly protruding camera module with dual lens with the flash, USB Type-C, single speaker grille and oh hello there Jack!

Remember when we say the phone is different yet it feels familiar? That has got to do with the software. Long-time honor (and Huawei) phone users will feel right at home with EMUI 8.1.

Our first look at the honor 10 aesthetically definitely leaves us coming off impressed. Remember, this phone costs a fraction of all the high-end flagships out there and yet it gives them a run for their money in the looks department. The colour-shifting back is pleasing to look at and the way light dances on the surface in reflection is a feast for the eyes. Our only gripe is the imbalance in top and bottom bezel sizes as a result of needing to slot in the fingerprint reader at the front. Definitely not a big deal but it might put some people off.

In a sea of similar-looking smartphones these days (even with the notch), the honor 10 is able to have a unique identity to call its own and that is already a winning quality. It launches in Malaysia On May 22.           

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