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Here Are Some Shots Taken On The HONOR View20’s 48MP Camera

There’re a lot going on for the HONOR View20, a feature-packed flagship smartphone that was launched for the global market as recently as last week. HONOR’s highest-profile device to date is one of first few phones to adopt the trending hole-punch cutout display design and is packed with as much as 8GB of RAM. It has got a unique, eye-catching exterior design too. Alas, a lot of the attentions are going to be trained on one of the most fundamental elements on any smartphones – the camera.

That is because the main camera on the HONOR View20 is no ordinary camera. It is a 48MP behemoth of a shooter that no doubt sounds impressive on paper. To date, there are less than three 48MP camera smartphones in the wild and this puts the HONOR View20 up for greater scrutiny. The rear camera is the first to be powered by the SONY IMX586 48MP sensor, with a 1/2-inch large CMOS, and equivalent 1.6μm pixels in Quad Bayer array.

What the camera does is that it takes several 48MP pictures at once, and combines the best details from each photo to create a single, final 48MP picture. It is then processed by the phone’s Kirin 980 dual-NPU using an advanced AI algorithm to further optimise the shot for the most eye-pleasing results. 

In layman’s term, it ought to take pretty damn good pictures.

While everything looks good on paper, how does it fare IRL? We took the View20 along on a recent trip to the beautiful city of Paris and naturally, putting its 48MP camera to good use. Far from a professional shootout, this is a rather casual shoot to glean our first impressions of it and we have to say, it didn’t disappoint.

Not only are the day shots clear and vibrant, but they also captured a lot of the little details. The 48MP AI Ultra Clarity mode helps in this regard. In more challenging conditions like outdoor night shots, the HONOR View20 is able to capture clear-looking shots with minimal noise thanks to its dedicated Night Mode.

Color us impressed.

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