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Here Are Six Features Of The Huawei nova 4 You Never Know You Need

The Huawei nova 4 is Huawei’s latest smartphone release in Malaysia this year and it features the likes of a Punch FullView Display, as much as 8GB RAM and triple AI camera rear cameras. At first glance, it looks just like any other smartphones with the same standard features. However, buried within the device are some cool new features as well as thoughtful design decision that makes the phone not only more enjoyable to use, but also improve the user experience.

Do you know why the “Punch Hole” display is designed as such? And do you know that you can create a whole new way of receiving incoming calls that is both fun and quirky? Here are some things that you might not be aware of what the Huawei nova 4 can do.

1.   Perfect angle selfie

Cutting a small hole on the display to put the front-facing camera is a fairly new concept spearheaded by Huawei to deftly solve the notch issue. If you have stopped to question why it is done on the top left corner and say, not in the middle instead for symmetrical aesthetic, there is a good reason for that. Through extensive consumer research and user experience engineering study, it is found that placing the camera cutout on the top left corner will produce the most flattering selfies as most selfie-takers tend to tilt their head slightly to the right and look straight at the camera. In this position, the top left selfie camera will be able to make the eyes looking more natural and beautiful and at the same time relief strain on the eyes when posing for selfies. 

2.   Video ringtones

You would never go back to using normal (boring) ringtone again after you have tried video ringtones. Imagine your phone ringing accompanied with your favourite short video or even your own recorded video playing on the caller screen. The Huawei nova 4 lets you do just that. Either record your own personalised videos for some of your important contact persons doing some silly stuffs or download your favourite ones from TikTok. It might even make annoying spam calls more tolerable.

3.   AI-assisted video editing

Every smartphone these days has some sort of built-in video editing features but not many can claim to have automatic AI assistance. The Huawei nova 4 make uses of its NPU capabilities and AI algorithms to automatically perform some advanced video-editing stuffs such as separating the important subjects from the unnecessary background elements and edit accordingly. It features a “character association” technology which is able to recognises the central characters in each video and distinguishing them from the passers-by who might have inadvertently photobombed the shots. All these complex tasks are done in minutes with the Huawei Nova 4’s powerful hardware and the best thing is you hardly have to break a sweat to have a good video ready to be shared on social media.

4.   Ultra wide-angle lens

There are various implementations of the secondary (or even third) camera in modern smartphones today but no doubt the ultra wide-angle lens is the most useful one yet. With the Huawei nova 4’s 16MP ultra wide-angle lens that offers up to a 117° view, taking epic, sweeping shots is as effortless as tapping a button. Say goodbye too to the struggles of taking a large group photo where everyone needs to fit into the small frame. The camera makes it easy for you, you just need to focus on getting the best landscape shot.      

5.   Video stabilisation

The Huawei nova 4 also comes with electric image stabilisation (EIS) algorithm feature. It uses gyroscope to detect the shaking of the phone, and subsequently adjusts the camera’s ISO, shutter speed, or software accordingly to produce blur-free videos. This is definitely a great tool to have if you do a lot of insta-stories and you have shaky hands.

6.   Super slow-motion videos

More often than not a feature only found in flagship models, you can now enjoy super slow-motion without busting your wallet. The Huawei nova 4 is able to record videos at 480 frames per second and plays them back in 1/16 the speed. Have fun recording all sorts of epic and funny slow-mo moments that will surely be the talk among your group of friends in social media.

The Huawei nova 4 will go on sale in Malaysia for RM1,899 from February 14 onwards at at all Huawei Experience Stores, display zones, authorised dealers and major telco companies including Maxis and Digi.

Pre-Order of Nova 4:
8th Feb – 13th Feb 2019
Free Gift: Bluetooth Headset, Pre-Order Gift: Premium Gift Pack
Available at all Huawei Brand Store & Huawei Official Online Store

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