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Here Are 20 Things To Know About The New Huawei Mate 20 Series

Huawei’s new flagship Mate Series it out of the bag and it is a stellar lineup with up to four devices. We have the regular Mate 20 and its more beefed up Mate 20 Pro, as well as the all-new Mate 20 X and the returning Porsche Design edition. It’s a lot to take in, and the devices pack tons of cool and impressive tech, but here are 20 must-know facts about Huawei’s newest pride.

1.   Big, bigger and even bigger

The Huawei Mate 20 is a big device with a huge 6.53-inch display, but incredibly it is not the biggest of the bunch. It is dwarfed by the Mate 20 X’s gasp-inducing 7.2-incher, which surely makes it one of biggest displays on any phone ever. The Mate 20 Pro on the other hand has the smallest display of the three with a 6.39-incher, which is by no-means “small”.

2.   Its notch that bad

Notch-haters everywhere might still frown at the continued presence of the notch but Huawei has taken steps to minimise the “eyesore” in their latest devices. Both the Mate 20 and Mate 20 X have a new, far smaller and more-pleasing-to-the-eyes notch design that takes the shape of a liquid drop. But here’s the potential bad news. The Mate 20 Pro packs an even bigger notch than the P20 Series. Not that it matters if notches do not really bother you.

3.   New design element

It’s still the same overall glass sandwich design that we have seen in countless other smartphones but the Mate 20 Series debuts a slight new variation to the rear design. Much like the Mate 10 Series with their signature horizontal stripe design not seen on any other smartphone before this, the Mate 20 Series introduces a square camera placement that houses the triple cameras setup, and the flash module. It is set to be another signature look.

And that’s not all. The Mate 20 Series also sees a new hairline pattern at the rear that Huawei claims is not only high durable and fingerprint-resistant but also make for devices that are easier to grip. They call it the Hyper Optical Pattern.

4.   Matrix Camera System

That’s Huawei’s marketing talk for the triple rear camera setup. Making their return after their blockbuster debut on the P20 Pro, they are even better than before on the Mate 20 Series and all three phones get triple the fun. The Mate 20 gets a 12MP main lens, 16 ultra-wide lens and 8MP telephoto lens while both the Mate 20 Pro and Mate 20 X get a 40MP main lens, 20MP ultra-wide lens and 8MP telephoto lens. If it’s any surprise, they are all fully-powered by AI. Lest you forget, the Leica factor is still there.

5.   Kirin 980 and 7nm chipset

Huawei was the first phone manufacturer to announce the use of 7nm chipset on their smartphones. However, Apple stole their march as the iPhone Xs and Xs Max made their way to the market much earlier. Nevertheless, the tech is still very impressive. Packing 6.9 billion transistors within a die the size of a fingernail, the Kirin 980 is Huawei’s most powerful chipset to date with lots of improvements over its predecessor the Kirin 980. To know all about Kirin 980, have a look at our sneak peek.

6.   3D face sensing

The wider notch on the Mate 20 Pro is there for a reason. It houses an array of high-tech sensors which include a 3D depth sensing camera. It projects over 30,000 points on the user’s face to accurately identify him/her and promptly unlocks the device. Sounds familiar? Now what’s even more impressive is that Huawei claims it is able to successfully unlock the phone in 0.5 seconds – 30% faster than the iPhone X.

7.   First to support Nano Memory (NM) Card

Huawei Mate 20 Series will be the first phones to support the new expandable storage standard, which replaces microSD cards. A NM cards is 45% percent smaller a microSD cards, while being about the same size a Nano SIM card. It holds at least 256GB of storage with a transfer speed of 90MB/s. NM cards could be the future industry-wide standard.


8.   4.5G support

A world’s first for a smartphone. The Mate 20 Pro supports 4.5G LTE Cat.21 standard, which means it can get download speeds up to a whopping 1.4Gbps. Not only that, it also supports the world’s fastest Wi-Fi connection speeds up to 1.7Gbps.

9.   Under display fingerprint scanner

If the face unlock method is not your cup of tea, there’s always the reliable fingerprint method to fall back on. The good news is that more people can now enjoy the future that is the under display fingerprint scanner as Huawei has brought the feature – that is once only exclusive to the Porsche Design Mate 10 – to the Mate 20 Pro. The not-so-good news? The Mate 20 and Mate 20 X are still having the “old” rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.   

10.  Reverse wireless charging

Reverse charging ain’t so cool anymore today. We have seen that in many smartphones. You know what’s cool? Reverse wireless charging! You can use the Mate 20 Pro to wirelessly charge other devices that support wireless charging. A mate’s (pun not intended) iPhone or Samsung phone running low on battery? Just stick their phone to your Mate 20’s back and watch their jaws drop. Now that’s cool. And because sharing is caring.

11.  More AI

The Mate 10 Series was the first Android phones to usher in the age of AI on smartphones. It is thus no surprise that you will find even more AI features on the Mate 20 Series to make your smartphone usage easier and more enjoyable. Among the new features are AI Cinema Mode, AI 4D Protective Focus, AI Portrait Color video mode and AI Spotlight Reel.

12.  Improved GPS reception

The Mate 20 Pro features even more accurate GPS than before. Leveraging on the L1 and L5 dual frequency simultaneously, accurate GPS signal can be pinpointed even in dense areas surrounded by skyscrapers and highway flyovers. 

13.  IP68 finally

It’s a long time coming but Huawei finally has an IP68 phone, putting it alongside the likes of the latest Apple and Samsung flagships. Caveat – Only the Mate 20 Pro is rated IP68 though, while the Mate 20 and Mate 20 X is IP53-rated.    

14.  Wireless easy projection

Samsung first introduced a feature that can turn a smartphone into a PC-like workstation by connecting it to a special dock. Later that year, Huawei unveiled a similar feature that can be achieved simply with a wired connection. Samsung may have caught up to speed with their latest flagship smartphone this year but Huawei pulls ahead once again with the new wireless easy projection feature introduced alongside the Mate 20 Series. As the name suggests, there’s now no need for any physical connection at all, and users will still be able to enjoy the same convenient functions.

15.  Stylus-compatible

The Huawei M-Pen stylus can only be used on Huawei’s MediaPad tablet line, until now. Taking advantage of the Mate 20 X’s gigantic display, Huawei is now making it possible for the M-Pen to be used on a smartphone for the first time ever, bringing to closer to the capabilities of the Samsung’s famed Galaxy Note phones. It unfortunately does not work on the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro.  

16.  Bigger & better battery performance

The Mate Series is well-loved for their big and all-day (or two-day) battery. The Mate 20 Series will be no exception. The Mate 20 gets a 4,000mAh battery while the Mate 20 Pro a slightly larger 4,200mAh battery. If you think that’s huge, then get a load of the Mate 20 X’s 5,000mAh juice pack! It’s the Mate we love on another level. On top of that, they all support Huawei SuperCharge technology certified by TÜV Rheinland. The Mate 20 Pro in particular is able to charge up from zero to 70% in just 30 minutes with its 15W Huawei Wireless Quick Charge.

17.  Porsche Design Mate 20 RS

Alright now some of you might be wondering what’s the deal with the fourth smartphone in the lineup. The Porsche Design Mate 20 RS is essentially a special variant of the Mate 20 Pro in a more luxury and high-profile clothing, with Huawei’s long-time partnership with Porsche needing no introduction. This special edition device is encased in premium leather instead of an all-glass design and comes with a customised user interface. And adding further identity to the distinctive look, the rear features a vertical glass band said to be inspired by motor racing. Otherwise, it has all the same specs and features as the Mate 20 Pro, but pricier of course.

18.  Color options

Ever since Huawei pioneered the much-loved (and much-copied) gradient color scheme on the P20 Series, expectations have been high on the company’s design plan. New on the table is Emerald Green, another variant of the gradient finish, and can be found on both the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro. The Mate 20 X on the other hand will only be available in Midnight Blue and Phantom Silver.

19.  Price

Thankfully we do not need to wait long to know how much each phone will cost as Huawei has promptly announced the Malaysia pricing shortly after the global unveiling. The Mate 20 will retail for RM2,799 while the Mate 20 Pro goes for RM3,599. Sandwiched in between would be the Mate 20 X which sports a RM3,199 price tag.

20.  Availability in Malaysia

Huawei fans in Malaysia will be able to get their hands on the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro as soon as October 27. Those who are eye-ing the Mate 20 X instead will however have two more weeks of waiting to endure as the device will not be available until November 11. The sales launch event that will be taking place on the weekend of October 27-28 will be held at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Queensbay Mall, Penang and Aeon Bandar Batu Onn, Johor Bahru. Besides the Huawei online store and Huawei Experience Stores, you can soon purchase them at Lazada, Senheng, Harvey Norman and Courts. Maxis, Celcom and Digi will also be offering telco bundle deals.  

And here’s the good news if you are wondering whether there will be any freebies because the answer is yes. All three phones will come with their respective free gifts – the Mate 20 with a free Huawei SoundStone portable bluetooth speaker, Mate 20 Pro with a free wireless charger, and the Mate 20 X with a free flipcase together with the M-Pen. 

You can preorder the Mate 20 and Mate 20 right now over at the Huawei online store as well as Lazada and get free preorder gifts including Huawei SoundStone, wireless charger and Huawei TalkBand B5.

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