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Grab Enhances Ride Security With Passenger Verification Through Facial Recognition Tech

With e-hailing becoming more and more entrenched in our lives as we abandon our cars and go about our days depending on this convenient service, the issue of safety has never been more paramount. Unsavoury incidents have happened over the past years that might erode the public’s confidence in e-hailing services, leading service providers to step up and introduce measures to safeguard the safety and interest of all parties involved.

Grab, the leading e-hailing company, has been on the forefront of advocating safety on their platform with preventive features such as Share My Ride, Emergency SOS button, number masking, telematics, Personal Accident Insurance, 24/7 customer support, app fraud detection as well as stringent driver background checks among others introduced over the years. All of these measures have resulted in 40% less incidents of undesired behaviours and accidents and 10 fold reduction in harassment on top of 50% reduction in speeding. This year will be no different as they have lined up several measures that will make their debuts in stages.

One of the new features that has been rolled out is Passenger Selfie Verification, realised through collaboration with the Ministry of Transport in Malaysia. Using advanced facial recognition technology built into the Grab app, new passengers to the platform will be required to take a one-time selfie of themselves via the app as a form of identification and verification. It will be able to detect actual “live” human face and reject inappropriate photos. Since it’s introduction early this year, passenger-related crimes on the Grab platform have reportedly declined by 30%.

All selfie data will be securely protected under Malaysia’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and will not be displayed as a profile picture or shared with any external party including drivers and merchants. This feature will be rolled out to all passengers in phases over the rest of the year.

More additional features are on the way – such as the Driver Safety Toolkit that will enable drivers to share their live GPS location with their loved ones for better peace of mind; driver fatigue monitoring with messages to be sent to remind driver to rest as soon as the app detects any sign of prolonged inacitivity; the removal of driver details from the passenger’s trip history 72 hours after the completion of a trip to safeguard driver’s safety and privacy; and in-app data privacy centre for users to have more control over their personal information that they would like to keep on the Grab platform.

This is all part of Grab’s #SaferEveryday commitment with long term safety technology roadmap to introduce features and initiatives that reduce preventable on-road incidents on the platform to zero. More information on Grab’s safety commitment and goals can be found at

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