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Future Apple iPhone to omit notch design

If you hated the notch design implemented on the Apple iPhone X, good news! A report by an industry insider reveals that Apple may ditch the notch design on the iPhones in 2019. Without the notch, next year’s iPhone will be able to deliver ultimate full screen experience. In addition, the source claims that Apple may include the front-facing camera and Face ID sensors under the display of the 2019 iPhone.

iPhone X

That aside, there was no further information available on the specifications of the 2019 iPhone. If the under-display fingerprint scanner feature is not made available on 2018 iPhones, we are then likely to see it on the 2019 iPhone.

The notch on the iPhone X saw Apple being made fun of. However, many China-based smartphone makers adopted to design and used it as a selling point. As such, one would assume that Cupertino got the last laugh.

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