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From A Relative Unknown To The World Cup – How vivo Made It

If you have tuned in to any FIFA World Cup matches these past couple of weeks, you would have caught sight of vivo making up one of the few brand names being displayed prominently on the digital advertising boards surrounding the pitch. It marks a remarkable journey for the smartphone maker from obscurity outside of China to the eyes of the world as the official smartphone sponsor for 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

Of course, vivo’s rise to the top isn’t by any chance. Before we go into how vivo comes to stand where they are today, let’s take a look back at the very beginning. vivo is relatively young in the smartphone industry and the company is driven by its DNA of constant innovation and the pursuit of perfection. Due to its young age, it isn’t surprising that vivo makes smartphones especially for the young ones, with emphasis on stylish design as well as outstanding camera and audio quality – traits that resonate with the youth and millennial.

One of vivo’s earliest milestone innovations is in their X1 smartphone. Not only is it the thinnest smartphone at that time, but it’s also the world’s first phone with a dedicated Hi-Fi chip, touted as the first true audiophile-level phone that delivers studio-quality audio through the connected headphones. The world then started to sit up and take notice.

vivo X1, the world’s thinnest smartphone in 2012 and also the first-ever phone with a dedicated Hi-Fi chip

Some of you may still remember the vivo Xplay3S, which again is a “world’s first” smartphone, this time with a 2K display. 2K display would then go on to be an industry standard, with the likes of Samsung, LG and HTC following suit in equipping their devices with the high-resolution display. In the subsequent years, vivo would be one of the most active players in the selfie game with notable releases such as the V5, V7 and V9. And the best is yet to come.

vivo Xplay3S, first smartphone released with 2K display

Just when we thought the smartphone industry is stagnating on a plateau in recent years with innovation in short supply, guess which company got everyone excited again? From the moment vivo first showcased the in-screen fingerprint demo at MWC Shanghai 2017, things have accelerated quickly for the company ever since.

This year opened with a bang for vivo as their Apex concept phone was the talk of the town during and long after CES 2018. What it brings to the smartphone world is something unprecedented as vivo deftly solved the “display notch conundrum” with a cleverly hidden front camera. The in-screen fingerprint scanner in the Apex was a further refinement on we have seen previously the year before.

vivo Apex

These two innovations would propel vivo into a global household name. Remarkably, in a short space of time vivo has delivered, turning concepts into the real things customers can have on their hands. The X21 and NEX are the evolutions of the Apex, bringing true innovations such as the elevating front camera and In-Display Fingerprint Scanning to the masses. Vivo is leading the way to bring us all to that dream of a truly bezel-less phone.

vivo X21, first commercial smartphone with in-display fingerprint scanner

vivo NEX – vivo’s most ambitious smartphone yet with both elevating front camera and in-display fingerprint scanner

And now here we are, the culmination of all the groundbreaking innovations vivo brings to the smartphone world. Front and centre at The Greatest Show on Earth. No doubt vivo is already one of the most talked-about smartphone makers in 2018, even before the World Cup. It is a fitting narrative that the smartphone company that has been making big splashes throughout the year is now headlining the biggest show of all. Now in front of millions and millions pair of eyes, vivo has boldly announced their arrival to the big league, knocking on the doors to the room in which the likes of Apple, Samsung and Huawei are residing in.

Just as the nations’ footballers battle on the pitch to pursue glory, vivo perseveres in their pursuit of perfection – one goal at a time.

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