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Finally! An App That Updates You On Malaysia’s Telco Plans

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The smartphone and telco industry has never been more competitive than it is today. To capitalize on its momentum, the Multimedia and Communications Consumer Forum of Malaysia (CFM) has officially launched a new smartphone app which not only assist you to pick the right telco plan, but also allows you to complain any problems to your network provider.

Named My Mobile Rights, it’s one of the most easy-to-use apps in the market today. Once you launch My Mobile Rights a menu for Complaint Submission, Plan Recommender, Service Provider Location and Tips & Guide will appear on your screen.

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We found this app to be useful, especially if you’re in a dilemma choosing the right telco provider and prepaid/postpaid plan. There is a section which allows you to view the “Top 5 Prepaid/Postpaid/Broadband Deals” on easy-to-read tables. However, the app didn’t mention why these plans are better than the rest.
The if you have any problems with your current network provider, you can fill up a complaint via the Complaint Submission feature on this app. CFM claims that complains are directed to the particular telco provider without third party involvement.

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The app does a good job in listing locations of various telco outlets by revealing its address. Unfortunately there addresses listed aren’t integrated with Google Maps or Apple Maps which is a little bummer.
And finally, the Tips & Guide section provides both useful and redundant tips. Some tips could aid those who aren’t tech savvy, especially the older generation. On the other hand, some tips are pointless and doesn’t contribute in assisting users in any situations.

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We found out that MY Mobile Rights app has been around since February 2016 and is available for both Android and iOS devices. We found it really odd that CFM decided to officially launch the app after almost 3 months of releasing it.


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