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Few Can Top The vivo V15 For Its Price. Here’s Why

Picking just the right smartphone out of a sea of smartphones is becoming increasingly hard day by day, and it’ll only become harder down the road as phone manufacturers continue to flood the market with all kinds of devices. It is not exclusive to flagships as the midrange segment has also become a fairly saturated one. Just in this first four months of the year alone we have had no less than five new midrange releases in Malaysia.

So how to pick the right one out of the dozens out there? If you want a smartphone that offers the best viewing experience, cool features, capable of taking great-looking pictures and will not blow a deep hole in your bank account, then the RM1,399-priced vivo V15 is worthy of a serious consideration.

1.   Uninterrupted viewing experience

Say what you will about notches and cutouts, but the absolute best way to watch content on a smartphone is on a display that isn’t interrupted in any manner. And getting a notch-less phone today doesn’t have to be expensive, unlike a year ago when the concept is still fairly new and could cost upwards of RM2,000 to RM3,000.

2.   The NEX experience

Who doesn’t let out a gasp when they saw the pop-up front camera on the vivo NEX for the very first time? Now you can have the same exact feature and experience with the V15 as it boasts a similar “elevating” front camera as last year’s flagship. Best thing is, you only pay half the amount this time around to enjoy one of the most talked-about features in recent smartphone innovation.

3.   Three is better than two

Two cameras at the back no longer raise any eyebrows these days. You need at least three to up your mobile photography game. One of the V15’s triple rear cameras shoots in ultra-wide angle and no doubt it is a very useful arsenal to have at your disposal. You never know when you will find yourselves in situations where you need to capture as much of the scenery as possible, and the ultra-wide angle lens makes it so much easier with just a simple tap.

4.   Selfielicious

If you love taking selfies as much as the next person do, then you will find the perfect companion in the V15’s front camera. Nothing tops 32 megapixels for a selfie camera at the moment, and with AI Face Beauty features thrown in, you can be assured that the V15 is one of the best selfie smartphones today.

5.   Two-day battery life

All the great features mentioned above wouldn’t mean much if the battery of the phone constantly dies out fast. With the V15’s generous 4,000mAh battery, you will be able to enjoy watching content on its big immersive display, takes tons of pictures as well as selfies throughout the day, and still have some juice left at the end of the day. If you are careful with your usage, a two-day battery life is certainly achievable. To top it off, the battery can be recharged quickly through its Dual-Engine Fast Charging technology.   


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