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U Mobile’s New Unlimited HERO P99 Is The Kind Of Superhero We All Need Today

Every single smartphone user has encountered a problem or two as far as their telco service are concerned. Don’t we all loathe it when these problems/troubles/annoyances (whatever you want to call it) always crop up at the worst possible times? It all boils down to one thing – limits. We are restricted in what we can do, even though we pay good money. Nobody likes restrictions.

If you need a postpaid plan that helps you get rid of all these problems, U Mobile’s brand new Unlimited HERO P99 postpaid plan is the one you can pin your hopes on. Let’s see how many of you have faced with these troubles and learn how the Unlimited HERO P99 can “rescue” you!

Unlimited HERO P99

Unlimited high speed data with no speed cap to save you from data limits

Nothing is more frustrating than having the buffering circle staring back at you. It’s a real joy-killer just when you need to catch up on the latest episode of your favorite series or watch the latest hot upload from your favorite YouTubers, or any trending videos for that matter. And when you finally managed to load some airtime, you get blurry videos. Oh god please save us!

On a similar note, there’s no point having super-fast Internet if the data all run out in an instant. Streaming videos, streaming music for hours on end, and constantly snooping around in all the video-heavy social media apps these days can eat up your data pretty fast. The thing is, these are what most of us spend our time on our smartphones. Before you know it, it might be too late and your data usage is in the red. “Boosters packs” are not exactly cheap either.

With the Unlimited HERO P99 plan though, you can kiss buffering and blurry videos goodbye. As there is no speed cap whatsoever. Add the fact that you also do not have to worry about running out of data as it gives you unlimited GBs. The only thing you need to worry about is whether you can keep up with all the endless shows and videos.

Unlimited calls to let you save your relationships

Don’t you wish you can talk to your significant other whenever you want and for as long as you want? It sucks when you miss each other so much but the thought of racking up the phone bills stops you from “cooking porridge” over the phone. This is especially so for those having long-distance relationships.

Don’t let that drive a wedge between you and your other half! Unlimited HERO P99 can help you have a healthy relationship by giving you the ability to call and talk endlessly, even when he/she is on another telco network. No more evil scary phone bills to give you a heart attack.

The ability to share data with anyone to keep everyone happy and contented

It’s not you, it’s them. But still, it can get rather annoying to hear your family members/friends/colleagues grumble endlessly when they run out of data, especially so when they see you happily going about your business on your smartphone and they can’t. Let Unlimited HERO P99 bring peace to the world by bestowing you with the ability to share up to 30GB worth of data via mobile hotspot with just about anyone you want! You can also share to member lines via Share 20 (up to a maximum of three member lines) at RM20 per line.

End result? They happy, you happy, everyone’s happy. Not to mention you get extra points too for being their data savior.

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You may not be able to save the world if it comes to an end one day, but you can definitely save the day with Unlimited HERO P99, either for yourselves or for the people that matter most to you. Be gone, limits!

The Unlimited HERO P99 has a RM99 monthly subscription fee. For more info, zoom your way to

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