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The Blackberry KEY2. Is this phone for you?

I was given a Blackberry KEY2 some time ago to be reviewed. Being a non-BB fan, I must say I did show some reluctancy to do so. Don’t get me wrong, I am not at all arrogant and pick my devices to evaluate. It’s just that I do not foresee anyone will want to use it or even want to touch it if it was lying on the showcase. To the younger generation, some may see it as a used phone…seriously! Lets be realistic. Today, we see ALL smartphone brands especially the premiums are pushing the limits to reduce or remove all together the bezel in order to have better screen real estate. Some even added notches and motorized cameras just for the front camera and other security devices. Then we see the Blackberry KEY2 with a “keyboard” which takes up screen space?

Before we proceed, lets take a look at what is packed inside the Blackberry KEY2.

Enough said, I encouraged myself to use it as my second phone for a couple of weeks where I encountered some navigation problems but with trial and error I managed. However, I must admit, there are some merits which I found with this phone which many phone brands today do not have.

So is this phone for you? Here are the pros and cons to make you decision easier.


  1. Good battery life. Can last 1.5 to 2 days.
  2. Offers quick charging.
  3. Easy access to calendars for schedules and contacts
  4. Blackberry Security grade DTEK which can monitor applications you may have installed and to review their activities.
  5. The Matt keyboard feel is responsive for typing or for swipes and customizable.
  6. The built and feel of the phone has been constructed with high regards to quality.
  7. Comfortable to hold with a balance weight and gripy back.


  1. Not suitable for watching videos.
  2. Not suitable for playing games.
  3. Camera captured photos are not up to expectation.
  4. Browsing through websites and usage for most social media content are not appropriate.

In conclusion, from the PROs we can summarize, it is design and built for presumably corporate individuals who requires secured communications and quick access to information. However, the existence of the keyboard on phones similar to the candy bar design might be extinct soon. For the price at RM2,699.00 it is justifiable with the quality built.

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