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Samsung pushes update to address Galaxy S4 storage, screen issues

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A new patch for the Samsung Galaxy S4 will enable users to save apps to microSD cards and will also fix screen issues some owners have been experiencing.

The update, which is already being pushed out to German Galaxy S4 owners and will roll out to other territories in the coming weeks, follows widespread criticism from consumers who had bought the 16GB version of the phone only to discover that the handset’s operating system and pre-installed apps took up so much space that less than 10GB remained free for their use.

When the complaints first surfaced, Samsung advised disappointed users to buy a MicroSD Card (the Galaxy S4 can support memory cards of up to 64GB in size). However, while an SD card can be used for storing multimedia content such as music and film files, apps have to be stored on the phone’s hard disk space.

It wasn’t until the consumers’ case was taken up by British consumer affairs television programme Watchdog in May that Samsung changed its stance and promised to address the situation. True to its word, the firmware update (which, at more than 350MB, is rather sizable) is already being pushed out.

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