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LG’s Vision Of The Future Home Is One That Is Fully Controlled By A Smartphone

Thinking of creating your own little “smart home” but don’t know where to start? LG has the answer for you. We were recently invited to a LG Home Experience showcase where we witnessed how LG integrates its various home appliances with IoT (Internet of Things) to create a seamless smart home experience, one that can be controlled anytime and anywhere using any smartphone.

From Wi-Fi enabled smart kitchen appliances to washing machines to vacuum cleaners, LG leverages on its SmartThinQ technology to enable them to be controlled remotely with a mobile app. With the SmartThinQ app (available for iOS and Android), you can set your fridge’s temperature to your liking or start your laundry-washing even when you are not at home. Our favourite use case is starting the vacuum robot to go about its cleaning duties while we are at the office, so we can come home to a clean, spotless house every single day. Say goodbye to tedious household chores.

If you are one who likes to monitor every aspect of what’s going on in your home while you are away, the app makes it so much easier and effortless to do so. With status updates and notifications, you are in complete control of your household matters every minute of the day. All LG SmartThinQ appliances also work with Google Assistant as well as Amazon Alexa so if you prefer giving out voice commands instead of tapping buttons, well you can.

At the showcase, we also got to see the mesmerising LG Signature OLED TV W. First unveiled at CES 2017, the unbelievably-thin television known as the “Wallpaper TV” features 4K Cinema technology with Dolby Atmos surround sound system. It is powered by the α9 Intelligent Processor and comes with ThinQ AI for all its smart features. It it able to achieve its thinness by moving its interior components to the accompanying sound bar via a flex connector, which is an impressive technological feat.

The LG Signature OLED TV W is available in two display sizes – 65-inch and 77-inch, with the retail prices set sat RM34,999 and RM74,999 respectively.

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