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How The Huawei P10 Stands Up Against The Samsung Galaxy S8

2017 has seen a number of interesting smartphone releases so far and two of the biggest ones are unsurprisingly from two of the world’s biggest phone manufacturers – Samsung and Huawei. Huawei followed up the hugely-successful P9 and P9 with the P10 (and their Plus sibling) with some eye-catching upgrades, followed closely by Samsung who made a triumphant comeback after a turbulent year with the S8 and S8+

If we are to pit these two against each other, a casual glance would show Samsung’s latest as having the edge over Huawei’s newest flagship, with exciting features like the Infinity Display, Bixby virtual assistant, face and iris recognition as well as Samsung DeX among others. But does that mean that the S8 emerges as the clear winner? Not necessarily so.

P10 vs S8While the S8 undeniably oozes wow factors, the P10 is a very solid device that excels in its core features. We take a look at how the P10 measures up to the S8 in a few important areas.


The camera is P10’s biggest weapon and Huawei has loaded it up with a few new arsenals – namely 3D facial detection, studio-like relighting, dynamic illusion and hybrid zoom among others to make the dual-lens Leica camera even better than before. Not only that, Huawei also brings the Leica factor to the front camera, now capable of capturing 2x more light for even better self-portraits in both bright and dark environments.

P10 vs S8 Camera

While Huawei pulled all the stops to improve the camera experience, Samsung basically uses the same camera from the one-year-old Galaxy S7/S7 edge on their new flagship with minimal upgrades. Of course, the picture quality between the two remains suspect until we are able to compare them side by side but one thing for sure is that you will be getting more in the camera department with the P10 and that opens up a lot more possibilities as far as mobile photography is concerned.

More RAM and built-in storage

This applies to the P10 Plus which boasts an industry-high 6GB of RAM and a whopping 128GB of storage space (with microSD card support to boot!). More RAM means you get to work on more apps simultaneously without sacrificing performance. In comparison, the S8 and S8+ has got 4GB of RAM and 64GB of expandable internal storage memory.

Fingerprint scanner

P10 vs S8 Fingerprint Reader

Both devices underwent sweeping changes to their fingerprint reader placement. While Huawei switches up the unit from the back to the front, Samsung does it the other way round, but botched the placement in a head-scratching awkward position that drew nearly universal ire. Face and iris recognition are supposed to be the “perfect” replacements but they are not quite there yet, which issues ranging from security to effectiveness under all circumstances (e.g. when wearing spectacles or colored contact lens) Still, fingerprint remains the fastest and most convenient way to unlock and here is a case of Samsung shooting its own foot. The front-facing fingerprint scanner does it better any day.


Probably still shaken by the Galaxy Note7’s battery episode, Samsung understandably plays things safe with the S8 and S8+ by not only not upgrading the battery capacity, but slightly reducing it from its predecessor. Not a good news considering they have large phablet-size screens with 2K resolution that are huge power-consumer. In contrast, the P10 and P10 Plus have increased battery capacity, which (on paper at least) should be the better performer.

Not only that, the P10’s 5V4.5A “SuperCharge” fast-charging output is superior to that of Samsung’s use of 9V1.67A output.


The price difference is likely to play a huge factor and a deal-breaker in the choice between the two. The P10 and P 10 Plus are priced at RM2,499 and RM3,099 respectively while the S8 and S8+ have a respective price tag of RM3,299 and RM3,699. That’s more than RM500 price difference! To the many consumers who are reluctant to splurge that much on a smartphone, the P10/P10 Plus will no doubt be the more appealing choice.

Color options

HUAWEI P10 Greenery and Dazzling BlueThe S8 and S8+ may have the best-designed body, but the P10 is a head-turner itself in its own unique way. The much-talked about Pantone colors in Dazzling Blue and Greenery will finally make their debut in the Malaysian market on May 5, further expanding the options consumers have in choosing a device that truly reflects their personalities. In a smartphone world that is increasingly growing monotonous, you will need something special to stand out from the crowd and nothing does it better than these one-of-a-kind Pantone colors.


Ultimately though, you get what you pay for. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are probably the best Android smartphones out there now in terms of sheer innovation in smartphone technology and their price tag clearly reflects that. However, if all the new features are just unnecessary extras for you (that you might not even touch again in the long run) and you just want a great solid flagship phone that performs well all-around and which happens to take really, really good photos, you might get more of your money’s worth by opting for the P10/P10 Plus.



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