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Google Malaysia – “Malaysian Consumers Find Mobile Plans Confusing”

How do you choose which mobile plans to subscribe to? How do Malaysians in general choose their preferred mobile plans? If you are a little curious on what exactly factor in all our choice and purchase decisions, Google Malaysia has revealed some interesting insights into the whole decision-making process based on a study they conducted together with Kantar TNS.


The general consensus is that Malaysian consumers find the process of buying mobile plans just plain confusing. Whether that applies to you or not, many do not know exactly what products the telco are offering, and that strongly impacts on how they consider purchasing a mobile plan. That subsequently leads to some personal research activities, with the Internet playing a huge role in how we go on about that. It shouldn’t surprise you that almost 90% consumers go online to do their research, and which platform they spend the most time on doing that? You guessed it – our mobile devices.

This is where all telcos should look into tapping the potential in influencing consumer’s purchase decision. It is crucial for them to reach potential consumers through the right channels so that their product offerings get exposed to as wide an audience as possible, and to do it early as 86% consumers would have decided on a telco provider before they go and sign up for a plan offline. Social media channels immediately come to mind.

One of the increasingly-important mediums to reach consumers is the use of online videos – with one in three consumers turning to videos when seeking product reviews. Besides, eight in ten consumers believe online videos can add credibility to the telco brand as well as their products. The importance of having the right content relayed through the right channels couldn’t be more important in this era of research-minded and mobile-first consumers.

Reaching and swaying consumers is one thing, winning over consumers and get them to commit is another. At the end of the day, it ultimately boils down to the product itself whether they are good enough. The key takeaways from this study are that price and performance are the two most important factors consumers look into when choosing a mobile plan. It goes without saying that the winning formula combines low price with quality, reliable performance. Have that, and telcos can be sure of winning Malaysian consumers over.

Below is a nice little infographic provided by Google Malaysia that summarizes the all key findings from the study.

Google Malaysia Infographic

Google Malaysia Infographic 2

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