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EMUI 10 Will Come With The New Huawei Mate Series, Includes A Dark Mode

Huawei has unveiled their latest mobile operating system at the Huawei Developers Congress 2019. EMUI 10 is currently in beta and will be tested internally beginning on Huawei P30 on September 8 and later on other phone models including the Huawei Mate 20 series. The next-generation Huawei Mate series will be the first phones to carry the new software update.

EMUI 10 will bring three major updates to the table – namely UX design (which includes a dark mode), an “all-scenario ultimate experience” and “a new standard of smooth operation”. It will also tap into distributed technology to support HD video calls among multiple devices, which enables users to make and receive audio and video calls whenever and wherever they are not only on their smartphones but also smart speakers, television and a vehicle-mounted device for instance. Huawei also gave an example of smartphone and computer sharing screens to enable easy exchange of data through drag-and-drop.     

There is much more to learn about EMUI 10 but it won’t be here until at least October or later. This is not the only software news that Huawei has announced in recent days as the Chinese company has also for the first time revealed their proprietary mobile operating system following the long-running speculation of their HongmengOS. HarmonyOS could soon be powering all new Huawei smartphones as well as other smart devices if there indeed comes the day when they are no longer allowed to use Android. | k 12 student loan | | k 12 student loan | | k 12 student loan |