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Company sued by apple over illegal use of iOS

Apple is reported to be suing a virtualisation company named Correllium as the latter purportedly provided its clients virtual access to the Apple iOS through a web browser.

To be specific, the lawsuit filed by Apple against Corellium describes the service provided by the latter as an illegal replication of its mobile iOS and apps that are designed to run on the iPhone and associated devices. Furthermore, Corellium had allegedly made unlicensed copies of iOS as soon as they became available. Corellium isn’t exactly shy about what it does either, as its co-founders boasted about being one of the earlier pioneers in the jailbreaking scene.

Regardlss, Cupertino wants Corellium to destroy all its codebase and is demanding cash compensation. Apple also wants courts to order Corellium that notify its customers about the violation.

Source: Techspot

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