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Choetech Is A Brand You Should Check Out For All Things Charger

Choetech is a China-based company that offers a variety of gadget and tech solutions, ranging from all types of chargers to cables and whatnot. They may be relatively new on our shores but their products have received recognitions from tech media abroad. They even have their own official e-store at Lazada Malaysia that you can check out to get your tech needs.

Recently we were given the opportunity to have a closer look at three of their products – the Ultra-Slim Zinc Alloy Fast Wireless Charger and Fast Wireless Charging Stand, as well as the Fast Wireless Car Charger. Let’s begin with the table-top wireless chargers.

The two wireless chargers are different in shape and style. The Ultra-Slim Zinc Alloy Fast Wireless Charger is a conventional wireless charger with a circular base, but with a twist. Instead of a boring monotone look, the charging plate actually comes adorned with customised 3D pattern, which is certainly the first I’ve seen. True to its name, it is a one of the slimmest wireless chargers around (it measures only 5mm thick) and the glass panel all around gives it a very stylish and premium feel and look. Interestingly, it also comes with a built-in 1m USB cord so there is no risk of misplacing the cable.

Meanwhile, the Fast Wireless Charging Stand props the phone up while charging it. This is especially useful for phones that has face unlock feature like some of the latest iPhones and a number of Android phones and makes it more convenient for users to interact with their phones while in a natural sitting position. The charger itself is nothing too fancy like its counterpart but it does come with a charging light indicator, which is a missing feature on the Ultra-Slim Zinc Alloy Fast Wireless Charger. My iPhone X sits just nicely on the stand. It should be able to fit larger phones without too much of a problem too.

Both the wireless chargers boast – as their names suggest – fast charging feature. We all know the fact that wireless charging is not any faster than traditional wired charging but the sheer convenience the former offers may offset the slower charging speed for many smartphone users. In my own usage, both the wireless chargers charges up my iPhone X from a red battery level to full in about a little more than three hours.

Then there’s the Fast Wireless Car Charger. For those not in the know, yes, there are already car-phone-holder-cum-wireless-charger in the market today. It is a pretty must-have tool for everyone who owns a smartphone that supports wireless charging (and a car). Anything to get rid of the cumbersome method of connecting phone to cable is a bonus.

The Fast Wireless Car Charger looks and works just like any standard car phone holder, except that it also charges a compatible phone wirelessly when holding one. Because of that, it needs a power source and you would need to connect it to a USB port inside your car. The holder itself can be placed securely on any air-conditioner vents with its clamps, and it can be moved to face any direction with ease.      

There are two things that I like about this car charger. One is the easy one-handed use mechanism that automatically holds the phone securely in place with its hinges as soon as you slips the device onto the stand, and frees it effortlessly as you lift it up away. It makes things so much easier and quicker as we get in and out of our cars numerous times on a near daily basis. The second thing is the silicone pads on both the hinges that prevent the sides of our phones getting all scratched and scuffed up when in contact. A nice little touch indeed.

The Fast Wireless Car Charger offers up to 10W charge output which is 1.4 times faster than normal charging but like in the case of all wireless chargers, don’t expect it to be significantly faster than wired charging. However, the small top-up charges you get between short driving trips could be a lifesaver. For those who rely a lot on navigational apps which we all know suck a lot of battery, the ability to both navigate around using GPS while keeping the battery charged without needing to constantly hook things up is great.

These are only three of the many products Choetech currently offers, which also include solar charger, wall charger and electric hubs. You can find more wireless charges over at the Choetech official website here as well as check out their Lazada e-store.

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