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Category Archives: International News

Tablet to smartphone folding patent by Microsoft

Microsoft Tablet Smartphone

Microsoft has patented something of interest, with regards to a device which can transform between a tablet and smartphone. The device also comes complete with flexible display and folding hinges, with a single continuous display stretched across all the housings. In its default mode, it will be a tablet, although the patent does not quite   » read more…

All the iPhone 8 rumours captured in one concept

iPhone 8

What you are seeing is an iPhone 8 concept which based itself on all the rumours that have come out so far. Among other things, you will find a bezel-less OLED display and redesigned Home button. Whether or not there will be a major upgrade to the cameras so soon after the the dual-cameras featured   » read more…

The LG G6 battery won’t overheat even at 150 degrees

LG G6 Battery

LG has teased through a video which highlights a very interesting feature on the G6, its upcoming flagship device. The smartphone will apparently be fitted with heat pipes that the will prevent its battery from overheating at high temperatures. The heat pipes made of copper which serves to dissipate the internal heat. It is powered by   » read more…

LeEco gets funding injection to stay afloat


China-based smartphone maker LeEco is not doing well, but a CNY 15.04 billion (MYR 9.74bn) lifeline from Sunac China Holdings could save it. The company had been facing difficulties as it tried to expand locally and internationally at an unprecedented rate. In any case, the injection of funding should resolve some of those difficulties, although where LeEco goes from   » read more…

21 April 2017 to see launch of Samsung Galaxy S8?

This is Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to launch on April 21, according to the latest news. It was first tipped to launch in the February Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, as the company shakes off the Galaxy Note 7 mishap. Earlier rumours had suggested the next-generation flagship would be out in April, maybe the   » read more…

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