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More details on Samsung’s foldable smartphone surface

Foldable Smartphone

Reports of a possible foldable Samsung smartphone do not seem to cease, despite the company never having announced one officially. There has however been plenty of circumstantial evidence to support the theory of one existing. Tentatively given the Galaxy X moniker, Samsung’s foldable smartphone has now been spotted in a listing filed with a domestic   » read more…

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy A8 could have Bixby

Samsung Device

Should everything go according to plan, the Samsung Galaxy A (2018) series is likely going to be announced early 2018. At this stage, little is known about the device at this point, although a rumour suggests that the Galaxy A is premium mid-range line of smartphones which feature the physical Bixby button. Early 2017, the Bixby   » read more…

The new Zenfone 5 Series to be launched by ASUS in March 2018

ASUS Zenfone 4

It might not be long until ASUS unveils a new Zenfone 5 series, with new devices expected in march 2018 at the earliest, according to ASUS CEO Jerry Shen. The current Zenfone 4 series was delayed from a spring launch to just last month, narrowing the gap between the two generations of smartphones. The delay   » read more…

More Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL details leaked

Google Pixel 2 Preview

Google will be unveiling Pixel 2 made by HTC and Pixel 2 XL by LG on 4 October 2017, with pricing and colour variants for both leaked. The Google Pixel 2 will have 64GB and 128GB options, priced at USD 649 (MYR 2712.17) and USD 749 respectively. The 32GB/128GB options for the original Pixel phone   » read more…

The Meizu M6 is official

Meizu M6 Preview

The Meizu M series is Meizu’s more affordable line of smartphones. The Meizu M6 is the sixth generation model, and is dubbed a “back to basics” device. From the specs, the Chinese manufacturer is going for “don’t fix what’s not broken” ideology. The biggest upgrade of the device is the design. It looks made of   » read more…

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