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App Review: Microsoft OneNote
January 22, 2011
Microsoft OneNote is now available to the iPhone and iPod Touch.The app lets you manage notes and shopping lists with pictures taken from the iPhone's camera, and then sync those with Windows Live SkyDrive
App Review: Google Goggles, app that recognizes barcodes instantly and solves Soduku within seconds
January 16, 2011
Google Goggles is a handy tool that uses images as a search input instead of the keying text queries
App Review: Apps to locate your iPhone
January 15, 2011
Misplaced your phone like your car keys? Well fear not as this week we have iPhone apps to remotely locate your iPhone in case if you lose in your house or a thief decides to take your iPhone away from you.
App Review: Send to WP7
January 09, 2011
Similar to Chrome to Android as we previously covered, Send to WP7 is a simple app that allows a user to send link, page title or selected title from the Internet browser to the Windows Phone 7 devices with a click
App Review: Chrome to Android extension
January 08, 2011
While not an application per se, the Chrome to Android extension is a part of Android 2.2 (Froyo). The "don't call it Push Notifications" service allows you to automatically send links from your computer to your Android device

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