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App Review: Samsung Pure Breeze Launcher
September 04, 2011
In addition of introducing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and the Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung released a new Android launcher, which called the Pure Breeze Laucher
App Review: Barclays Football
August 14, 2011
With the English Premier League getting on its way again, Barclay has launched an official app to mark the start of the season
App Review: Zombie Gunship
July 31, 2011
If you’re one who enjoyed flying the AC-130 levels in Call of Duty, Zombie Gunship is a game solely based on that idea. You would have an aerial view of an apocalyptic landscape, waiting for enemies to appear on your radar.
App Review - FxCamera
July 25, 2011
Android devices usually come with a few preloaded camera filters such as black and white, sepia, negative and more
App Review: Google+
July 10, 2011
Google+ (Plus) app for Android is a simple app that allows easy sharing with your friends
App Review of the Week: Google Docs
June 26, 2011
Google Docs on the desktop allows us to do many things, such as creating a new text document, filling up the spreadsheet or design a new presentation slide
App review of the week: Yes Life for iOS
May 29, 2011
YTL 4G has compressed voice call and SMS services into an app for Apple devices called Yes Life for iOS devices. The app turns iPad and iPod Touch into mobile phones, and adds another call app into your iPhone
App Review of the Week –Tower Defense: Lost Earth
May 29, 2011
Tower Defense: Lost Earth is your typical TD game where you set up units on a grid and enemies follow a distinct path. It offers seven different challenge stages where there’s more variety including utilizing a free-form defense to set paths for enemies.
App review of the week: Army of Darkness defence
May 21, 2011
21 May 2011- Army of Darkness, that cult classic back in the early 90s that turned Campbell into a legend? Well now we get to play him as Ashley J. Williams or Ash in Army of Darkness the castle defence game. The game takes a lot of sound bites form the movie and gives us quite a few laughs as well
App Review Of The Week - Imaginary Range
May 09, 2011
Imaginary Range is a free game and graphic novel rolled into one developed by H.A.N.D. (known for Final Fantasy: Chocobo Tales for the DS) and published by Square Enix.

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