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Game Review - Anomaly Korea
December 24, 2012
Anomaly Korea is more of an extension of Anomaly Warzone Earth rather than a direct sequel.
Game Review - Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
December 21, 2012
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP evokes the spirit of heroic tales of past, while formulating an experience for the current generation.
Game Review - Contre Jour
December 19, 2012
Contre Jour, which has won awards on the iOs has now made its way to Android.
Game Review - Clay Jam
December 17, 2012
Invoking nostalgia of yesteryear, Clay Jam has you make your way around the world as a little clay pebble, squishing monsters as you pass.
Game Review - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
December 14, 2012
Despite the bug that delayed the release, you can now finally relive the life of Tommy Vercetti, in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Game Review - Lost Souls: Enchanted Painting
December 13, 2012
Lost Souls is yet another trickle in the hidden-item game pool where you need to look for your child in some land filled with mysterious paintings.
Game Review - Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
December 10, 2012
A quick overview - Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is contradictory.
Game Review - Jet Set Radio
December 07, 2012
During its heydays, Jet Set Radio was among the marquee titles on the Dreamcast, revolutionizing the industry with its unique graphics and gameplay.
Game Review - Avengers Initiative
December 05, 2012
Avenger’s Initiative is the first of episodic games by Marvel, capitalising on the Avenger’s huge fanbase.
Game Review - Sleepwalker's Journey
December 03, 2012
Sleepwalker’s Journey is perhaps best-described as a throwback to a certain 1993 game called Sleepwalker.

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