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Apple Announces New iPhones & What It Means To The iPhone Situation In Malaysia

Three new iPhones, nine different models.

Its that time of the year again when Apple updates their annual iPhone lineup with new entries and in the process changed the smartphone landscape for the next one year. Just like the previous year, three new iPhones were announced – the top-of-the-line iPhone XS and the plus-size iPhone XS Max which are incremental upgrades over the iPhone X with bigger screen, new more powerful chipset, bigger storage options, IP68 water and dust resistance, slightly improved camera and a new gold color option; as well as the more budgeted iPhone XR with the same updated modern iPhone design that comes with a few compromises, namely a LCD screen, less-premium build material, single rear camera and the absence of 3D Touch among others.

As with every time new major hardware were introduced, there are bound to be ripple effects across the entire category lineup. We’re talking about price adjustments, model terminations and the likes. For Malaysia, here is what you should know.

A new lineup

The most notable omission from the new official iPhone lineup is the iPhone X. Yes, the “revolutionary” iPhone is just barely hitting its one-year anniversary and it already gets the boot, replaced with the iPhone XS. In other words, no you can no longer purchase the iPhone X from the official Apple Malaysia online store though you can still very much get one from authorised resellers as well as third party retailers. Also getting the boot are the iPhone 6s and the much-loved iPhone SE.

So here’s the new lineup – iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus.

RIP, Jack (2007 – 2018)

For those who haven’t yet see this coming, let it finally sink in here. With the retirement of the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE, for the first time ever there is no longer any iPhone model with 3.5mm headphone jack being offered in the new lineup. Maybe its time to take a good look at the AirPods now (read further below). Or you know what? Let’s just embrace the #donglelife

Price adjustments

Did someone say “cheaper iPhones”? Most definitely. With the new lineup detailed above, here are the new prices for all the older iPhone models.

iPhone 8 64GB – RM2,899

iPhone 8 256GB – RM3,599

iPhone 8 Plus 64GB – RM3,299

iPhone 8 Plus 256GB – RM3,999


iPhone 7 32GB – RM2,199

iPhone 7 128GB – RM2,649

iPhone 7 Plus 32GB – RM2,749

iPhone 7 Plus 128GB – RM3,199

iPhones are not the only hardware getting cheaper (as they should), the AirPods too is getting its price slashed. The once RM849 Bluetooth earbuds (and still currently the best ever there is) is now going for “only” RM649.

New iPhones price

We couldn’t end this without speculating what the new iPhone models would cost in our beloved Ringgit Malaysia, can we? If you’re just too lazy to do the conversions, here we do it for you. You just need to open your wallet and cry.

iPhone XS 64GB – USD999 (around RM4,130)

iPhone XS 256GB – USD1,149 (around RM4,750)

iPhone XS 512GB – USD1,349 (around RM5,580)


iPhone XS Max 64GB – USD1,099 (around RM4,550)

iPhone XS Max 256GB – USD1,249 (around RM5,170)

iPhone XS Max 512GB – USD1,449 (around RM5,995)


iPhone XR 64GB – USD749 (around RM3,099)

iPhone XR 128GB – USD799 (around RM3,305)

iPhone XR 256GB – USD899 (around RM3,720)

Do note that the actual Malaysia pricing (with the added taxes) will be higher than the ones depicted here.

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max & iPhone XR release date in Malaysia

We are going to go into this based on last year’s release window. The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will officially debut in the US, Singapore and other first wave countries on September 21 so we can expect to see them here in Malaysia almost exactly a month later. October 19, anyone?

The iPhone XR is a little trickier to call. Coming into the market much later on October 26 in selected countries, a mid November to an early December release date seems the most probable. | | loan online personal rate | | loan online personal rate | | loan online personal rate