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All The Features That Make The vivo V15 Pro A Great Purchase Under RM2,000

A slew of midrange smartphones were announced and released in Malaysia in recent weeks. More choices are definitely a good thing, but they also made choosing the one you should put your money on a little bit more difficult and confusing. If you are still in the midst of making up your mind on which smartphone below RM2,000 is the right one for you, vivo wants you to know that their V15 Pro fits all the right bill. Here’s why.

1.   32MP Elevating Front Camera

There are people who base their smartphone purchasing decision on the front camera. If selfies are as important to you as for those people, then things do not come better than the V15 Pro. It has one of the best and highest-resolution selfie cameras in its price range. The fact that it sits on a cool pop-up “elevating” mechanism is the icing on the cake.

2.   Ultra FullView Super AMOLED Display

If you hate notches as much as the next guy do, and thinks that display cutout is not the most elegant solution to go full bezel-less, then you will have no such problem with the V15 Pro. Thanks to the elevating front camera solution, you won’t find any sort of annoying disruption on the display that breaks the immersion, allowing you to enjoy watching all content in full without missing out on the little details. Not only that, you get to enjoy them on a crisp and vibrant Super AMOLED display.

3.   AI Triple Camera

The V15 Pro is also one of not many smartphones currently in the market that give you three back cameras to play around with. Its 48MP main camera is self-explanatory while the ultra wide angle 8MP lens and 5MP depth sensor are super useful in composing a variety of shots. Whether it’s a sweeping landscape shot up to 120 degree wide or an artistic piece with bokehlicious effect, the phone can easily handle them all with the flexibility the triple cameras offer. You can count on AI algorithms to apply the finishing touch for the perfect Instagram upload.

4.   AI Super Night Mode

Speaking of AI, the V15 Pro also comes with its own dedicated AI night mode. Night photography is the current hot trend for smartphone these days and you won’t be left out when you have this
phone. AI Super Night mode helps you take stunning, vibrant night shots effortlessly without the need for any editing efforts and eliminate the problem of dim and grainy shots that have so often plague smartphones in general for the longest time.

5.   In-display Fingerprint Technology

A feature mostly found on flagship-level phones. Now you can enjoy the same feature without needing to bust your wallet. It is the future of smartphones. In its fifth generation already, the V15 Pro’s in-display fingerprint technology ensures the fastest and most secure unlocking method yet, all done on the screen itself.

6.   Game Mode 5.0

Chance are you are into one (or even several) of the many competitive mobile games currently taking the whole world by storm. You would want a smartphone that can handle the most
intensive of games without any lagging performance. The V15 Pro delivers that with their Game Mode 5.0 and Dual-Turbo features which intelligently allocate system resources to prioritise gaming performance as well as reduce frame-drop by up to 300%, thereby ensuring a consistently smooth gameplay experience.

7.   Dual Engine Fast Charge

Having only a decent battery is no longer enough in this day and age as we all want our smartphones to spend less time on the charging table. Fast charging technology is as important to users as long-lasting battery. With the V15 Pro’s Dual Engine Fast Charge technology, it takes only 15 minutes of charging time to gain as much as 24% of juice, so that you will spend less time waiting and more time doing the things you love on your phone.

The vivo V15 Pro is available now at the recommended retail price of RM1,799.

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