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Alcatel helps make Malaysian LRT network safer

Leading European network systems provider Alcatel-Lucent has partnered with a Malaysian engineering firm to produce an intelligent communications system for planned extension of the Light Rail Transit (LRT) driverless train network.

This LRT line currently runs between Kelana Jaya and Gombak, covering a large expanse of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, and serving in excess of 350,000 people commuting around the Klang Valley. To help further reduce traffic congestion in the city, it is planned that another 17km of track will be added to the existing line, encompassing 13 new LRT stations.

To this end, the administrators intend to improve on the existing driverless communications backbone with the aid of Alcatel-Lucent and CMC Engineering, which is a key partner in the Konsortium CMC-Colas-Uniway (KCCU) that is tasked to build the line extension by 2014.

In addition to facilitating high-speed, real-time communication (be it voice, video, or data traffic) between the trains and central control, Alcatel will also supply the core transmission system based on the latest IP switching and fiber-optic technologies available for commercial use, including the Alcatel-Lucent 1660 SM Optical Multi-Service Node and OmniSwitch 6450 Ethernet LAN switches.
The system will also be responsible for ensuring the secure integration of the various IT applications and subsystems, providing enhanced safety measures paired with video surveillance and telephone/radio communications services.

Alcatel has significant experience in integrating telecommunications networks with transportation infrastructure for enhanced safety and reliability. Not only will their advanced system conduct all online monitoring and maintenance criteria, it will also deliver automated train fare collection services as well as an automated PA system to keep passengers informed of approaching destinations.

Alcatel might only be known in Malaysia for their mobile phones (like the Alcatel One Touch 997D Ultra), but clearly they are a respected pioneer in the telecommunications systems field, thereby making them the probable right choice to ensure smooth and safe travelling on an automated train.

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