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A Look Into The Workplace Of The Future With Samsung Flip

The future of the modern workplace, as envisioned by Samsung, revolves around the whiteboard as the centrepiece of any office. Not just any whiteboard, but an interactive digital flip chart that presents infinite possibilities for collaborative work. The Flip is Samsung’s answer to a paperless future in the work environment.

With a 55-inch 4K UHD display mounted on a portable, wheel-based stand, the Flip’s biggest strengths are its mobility and flexibility. With its ability to move freely, meetings and collaborative work can be done anywhere and anytime in the office, thus eliminating the confines of the traditional office space. The display board can assume a portrait and landscape orientation at will with an easy push and up to four participants can annotate directly on the screen simultaneously, whether using the provided dual-sided pen or their own fingers. The content can easily be erased by a quick palm swipe.

The Samsung Flip is more than just a standard digital board as it has tons of tech packed into it. It runs on Samsung’s Tizen operating system, makes use of various sensors and provides internal storage to store all your work within a central database that is password-protected. Connectivity plays a huge role as its integrated screen-sharing functionality enables content on the Flip to be made available on connected PCs, smartphones as well as tablets wirelessly. Conversely, users can import their own personal content onto the Flip’s display via USB, which can also be used as an external source for storage. they can be used to The Flip display can be tilted up to 4.5 degree in portrait mode to suit different preferred writing angles. There are up to 20 pages of writing space on a continuous rolling stream that comes with embedded search functionalities.


Apart from the display itself, the Flip moves on four wheels and the stand is height-adjustable. It also provides a convenient pen holder as well as a tray to put stuffs on. If needed, the Flip display can be removed from its stand and be mounted to a compatible wall mount.

The Samsung Flip is geared towards business that heavily involves visual and design work such as digital marketing agencies, and is especially perfect in a co-working office setting. If you or your company think that it can transform the workplace for the better and help build towards a paper-free work environment, the Samsung Flip can be a fixture in your office at the recommended retail price of RM12,999.
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