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5 Reasons Why You Should Get The vivo NEX

Now that the vivo NEX has been officially launched for the Malaysia market, eager fans will very soon be able to get their hands on the revolutionary smartphone. However, if you are still on the fence whether this should be your next phone upgrade, here are five reasons why you should take the plunge and get one of the most exciting phones to have come out in recent memories.

1.   It’s got a display to lust over

Who wouldn’t want as much screen as possible on their smartphone? With a 91% screen-to-body ratio thanks to its all-around super slim bezels (2.16 mm on the top; 5.08 mm on the bottom; and 1.71mm on each side) the vivo NEX manages to achieve what most phones can only dream of. The added benefit is that you get to enjoy a massive 6.59-inch display on a smaller body that does not forsaken portability and ease of use. A huge display is one thing but a huge Super AMOLED display means you get to watch your favourite contents in the best quality possible. Or you just hate notch generally.

2.   The front camera is unlike anything you have ever seen before

Dual cameras, even triple cameras, these are no doubt advances in smartphone imaging. But nothing quite captures the imagination like a pop-up camera out of nowhere, which is an industry’s first. Aside from giving users a cool sci-fi feel, the elevating front camera is also the major reason vivo is able to eliminate any semblance of notch on the display. You can feel good knowing that you possess the coolest phone in town and be the envy of others.

3.   It is one of the very few smartphones in the market to feature in-display fingerprint scanner

Another too-cool-for-school feature that you will be proudly showing off to everybody, the in-display fingerprint scanner not only sets the direction the future of smartphones is heading, but also a fine workable solution in its relatively early form. In fact, it is in its third generation on the NEX, which affirms that vivo has been working relentlessly to perfect the technology. The absence of any fingerprint scanner module on any part of the device’s body also makes it more sleek-looking.

4.   It’s got awesome sound

The innovations do not end there. With the traditional earpiece speaker gone to accommodate more screen real estate, vivo is turning the NEX’s display into a speaker of its own with their Screen SoundCasting Technology. Not only is it smart, but the technology actually enhances the audio output quality with more powerful bass as well as softer, smoother treble.

5.   It’s a true flagship phone, hence it boasts flagship specs

With so many innovative features hogging the headlines, it is easy to overlook the NEX at its core, which is a top flagship phone with 2018’s best specs. 8GB RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 combined with 128GB of onboard storage should give you everything you need to maximise your smartphone usage, from multitasking between apps to serious mobile gaming.

The vivo NEX retails at RM2,799 and will be available nationwide beginning July 28.

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