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5 reasons you should not buy a smartwatch, just yet

Smartwatch, the next big thing.

Or is it?

While industry players want to think it is, consumers’ reception towards it has been somewhat lukewarm at best, as can be seen in the less-than-encouraging sales of the Samsung Galaxy Gear. You don’t see everyone wearing a smartwatch when you go out these days. Heck, you’ll be hard pressed to find even one who does.

Maybe the fact that it is still a very new piece of technology and the consensus is that many are hesitant to invest in something which they themselves are not very sure of its merits. If you are one of them debating whether to dive into this brave new world, here are 5 reasons that you should not get one, not just yet at least.

1.       Expensive

As with any new technology, the first iterations are always expensive. One fine example is game consoles. We can see time and time again that the launch editions carry a hefty price tag before getting slashed as the years go by amid the introduction of new and improved models. There is no reason to believe that smartwatch won’t have the same fate. The Galaxy Gear, the most well-known of them all, currently costs RM 999 while the Sony Smartwatch 2 is priced between RM 780 and RM 850, enough to buy a smartphone already (refer below)

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2.       A battery sucker it is

Smartwatch today is not like our regular watches which can go several years before a battery replacement is due. You would probably need to charge it every day if you use it often throughout the day or two to three days from moderate use, not that much of a difference with our mobile phones. If you already are quite frustrated with having to hook up your phone to the charger daily, just imagine having one more device to charge. And if your smartwatch ran out of juice before you can charge it, it is nothing more than fancy bracelet. Better wait for newer models with a much improved battery life.

3.         Limited Apps

A perk of smartwatch is its ability to download and load apps, thus extending its uses beyond the few basic functions. As it stands now, there are not that lot of apps for the current batch of smartwatches though more were promised to come in the future. Unless the big players such as Apple and Google jump into the smartwatch apps business, the amount of apps available still will be somewhat limited.

4.       Looks can be better

This is purely subjective. Some may find the smartwatches in the market nowadays nice enough to grace one’s hand while many find it bulky or even nerdy but everyone will agree we can have much cooler-looking ones. Like the ones in the Power Rangers TV show perhaps? Just kidding.

5.        iWatch

Ah…the sleeping giant. The one word that will strike fear into the hearts of smartwatch makers. Apple is surprisingly not the trendsetter/trailblazer in this new tech segment but with strong persistent rumors coupled with the fact that CEO Tim Cooks mentioned that the company is going to introduce new product categories in 2014, we can have reasons for optimism that we will finally see a smartwatch from the iPhone/iPad/Mac makers. And when Apple releases something, you can bet all your dollars (or Ringgits) that it will look and functions as good as it can be. You wouldn’t want to purchase a smartwatch now only to regret it later when the Apple smartwatch looks and performs light years ahead of yours, would you?


Would you want the iWatch to look like this?

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