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5 Best Gadgets To Get In Malaysia This Christmas

Christmas is just a little more than a week away so have you done your Christmas shopping? Electronic gadgets no doubt has been consistently on top or near the top of the year-end shopping list every single year. So if you have been scratching your head on what to buy to your loved ones and friends or even for yourself, here is a list of 5 of the best gadgets to get this festive season.

1.        LG Nexus 5


Of course, what a site which mainly focused on mobile phones suggest other than mobile phones? When thinking of which smartphone to get, the likes of iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 quickly springs to mind but we’re going to suggest to get the Nexus 5 instead. Not only the Google phone is one of the most powerful Android smartphones in the market today, it also costs much much less than the expensive models. Though it’s not yet officially available here in Malaysia, you can get one right now from some local sellers who brought them into our shore from countries selling it, if you know where to find.

Learn more about the Nexus 5 here

2.        iPad mini with Retina display (iPad mini 2)


A natural progression from smartphone is of course tablet. Chances are most of your family members and friends or even yourself has a smartphone already but not all of them have got a tablet. So why not get the best mini tablet in the market right now that just went on sale only recently for a rather not-so-expensive price (compared to the latest smartphones nowadays) and which is now even better with the Retina display?

Learn more about the iPad mini 2 here

3.       Sony PlayStation 4


If you have a brother or guy friend who is a hardcore gamer (PC or console gamer does not really matter) then stop thinking anymore. Get the PS4 for them and trust us you will be hugged and kissed like there’s no tomorrow. (The Xbox One is not available here, yet, so this saves the headache of choosing between which consoles to get) The good news is that the PS4 will officially go on sale here this Friday, Dec 20 so this is THE perfect Christmas present for gamers. Just make sure that the intended recipient does not line-up to get one for himself too on launch day.

Learn more about the Sony PlayStation 4 here.

4.       Samsung Galaxy Gear


Because giving watch as a birthday present is NOT a good idea (in the Asian culture as least), Christmas is one of the best times to give one. What with the smartwatch craze kicking off this year, surprise them by giving this new piece of technology instead of the usual mundane stuffs. Perfect for guys as well as girls, or the friend who was always for appointments and gatherings.

Learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Gear here.

5.       Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids  


Hey the little ones deserved something nice too. Kids today are no longer like the kids of yesteryears. Soft toys, Barbie dolls and movie character figurines have been replaced with mobile phones and tablets. Get their hands off your tablet by giving them one specially made with their interest in mind. They not only can play but also learn at the same time. After they have gone to sleep, you can pick it up and use it like a normal table too. Win-win situation there. But maybe not bringing it to your workplace or when commuting in crowded bus or train.

Learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids here

Any other gift ideas to share?

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