Zombie Minesweeper: Mine the dead, they’re dangerous

Everyone would know about Minesweeper, and possibly how long it takes to try and complete the game, or maybe just simply restarting. Cashing in on the undead fade that’s very well alive among everyone these days,what does Zombie Minesweeper bring to this age-old gameplay mechanic?


With impressive 3D and hand-drawn 2D sprites, the game looks pretty , made better with the score’s accompaniment. A good mix between cartoony cuteness and over the top violence supplements this game’s visual look.


You’re a young girl trying to make her way to her boyfriend. As you walk, the numbers on the ground will tell you how many mines are around, and activating any of them would unsurprisingly cause death. Apart from having to restart from the beginning, all your progress remains. You are to reach a detonator at the end of every level, with zombies possibly on your tail. You can get weapons and such to defend yourselves, if you happen to have ammo. Otherwise, you can lure zombies to flagged mines or entice them with brains.


Due to the limited gameplay, there isn’t much replayability except for a better score. Still, if you’re one to obsess over Minesweeper, this could be one for you.



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