Xbox One to launch on November 29th, PlayStation 4 on December 13th

As both Microsoft and Sony have announced their next generation consoles, us consumers will have to play the waiting game in order to get our hands on either (or even both) consoles. Pre-orders for both machines have been well received so far, although there are no official numbers as of yet. Microsoft does not intend on lose out of course, and has taken measures to gain the upper hand.

Playstation 4

As seen on the Toys’R Us website in the United Kingdom, Microsoft’s new game console will see a release date on November 29th. The same site also has on display the PlayStation 4 preorder page showing that the console be available for sale beginning two weeks later on December 13th. These dates aren’t officially confirmed of course, but the fact that they are being displayed on partner retail sites does sort of make the whole thing legit.

Source: CNET

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