Xbox One controller cost USD 100 million to make

While we won’t be getting the Xbox One anytime soon, at least, through official channels, know that Microsoft has spared no expense in developing their new console. According to Venturebeats, Microsoft has thrown $100 million into research and development just for the Xbox One’s new controller alone, a relatively sizeable amount, despite the fact it looks very much like the Xbox 360 controller. So what exactly did Microsoft spend all that money on?

Xbox One Controller

Well apparently, Microsoft went through the trouble and researched ways to have to Xbox One controller emit game-related smells to help gamers feel further immersed in whatever they’re playing.

“We built small slugs of different types of smells that could actually come out of a controller,” Zulfi Alam, Xbox’s general manager for accessories, told VentureBeat. “Like, as you walked through a jungle, you’d smell the flora.”

The company also looked into adding a touch pad to its controller, much as Sony has done with its PlayStation 4 controller, and also tested out controllers with cameras, speaker systems and even “a tiny projector which would beam out ambient visuals around the player.”

However in the end, though, the company decided to scrap many of these ideas to make sure that the Xbox One’s controllers have strong battery life that will which also doubles as a television remote control. Ultimately, instead of building a smell-emitting controller, Microsoft decided to go on to refining the 360′s controller design to give it a better guide button, triggers and analog sticks. While it’s arguable if these ‘innovations’ were worth the money at all, kudos to Microsoft for attempting to redefine the good old controller, even if all they needed to was to get comfort as its top priority.

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