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Top 5 Games of the Week

Loot the King


Relive the adventures of Robin Hood in this puzzle game, as you try to make away with as much treasure as possible, while outsmarting the sheriff’s guard.

[Click Here To Play Loot the King]

Battle Fish


Become the king of the deep blue sea in this frantic puzzle game, as you battle with other lifeforms by growing into a gigantic mass and overwhelming them.

[Click Here To Play Battle Fish]



Put your dexterity to the test and aim for the bullseye, in this archery simulator. With several levels of difficulty, making your mark as a professional archer is a task that’s going to be very difficult.

[Click Here To Play Archer]

Dragon Dash

dragon dash

Play as Drake, as you guide the baby dragon throughout levels filled with angry birds that hurt you upon contact, while collecting all the gems scattered across the levels.

[Click Here To Play Dragon Dash]



What’s harder than flying a plane? Telling others on how to fly them, of course! Take on the role as an air traffic controller in this frantic race against the clock to ensure all planes land safely on the runway. Mess up and you’ll have hundreds of deaths in your hands.

[Click Here To Play Airport]

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