Top 10 Tips to make you a better criminal in Grand Theft Auto Online

Just barely a month old, Grand Theft Auto V’s online component has redefined the entire franchise and opens it up to a world of players, who now gets to do everything and anything with everyone else. While the idea remains the same, here are some useful tips that will help you on your way to becoming top dog in the online criminal world.

Do you know where you are?

Grand Theft Auto Online Map

The first step to playing GTA Online is obviously to know your surroundings. Playing the single player campaign will help greatly here but it never hurts to double check. Press the D-pad down twice to expand the map, too see more around you.

Remember that you always set waypoint. However, they’re not much use for moving targets. Get your passenger to monitor the map as you make your way to your destination, as it updates in real time. This is particularly useful as everything can be tracked live, whether if it is for chasing down a target or to locate friends.

Let the best do the rest

Grand Theft Auto Online Top Dog

Always let the highest ranked player in your crew host missions. Because missions are tied to a player’s levels, you will need someone with a high rank to unlock the better missions, which in turn lead to better loot.

Swift like the island wind

Grand Theft Auto Online

If you’re stuck in a particular location or want to get somewhere a lot faster, there are ways to go about that. Select any mission or race and roughly find your way to the location. Quit and get back in the game, and you should find yourself approximately near it.

Grind alone

Grand Theft Auto Online Grind

Even though GTA Online is catered towards having multiple crew members work together, you can actually go at it alone whenever you feel like it. While not playing with friends, you can always do your own stuff like robbing stores and taking part in races until everyone’s good to go again.

Bet on it

Grand Theft Auto Online Race

Be honest with yourself: is there someone in the race you’re about to enter that’s tens of levels above you and wearing loads of expensive to unlock GTA Online gear? Bet. On. Him. There’s no shame in making lots of money off other people being better than you at something. Think about it – you can throw the match! Accidentally side swipe a rival or cause a pile up at a narrow junction. This is best done in random games with strangers though to increase the chance of finding a likely mark and prevent your friends hating you.

Don’t get mad, get green

Grand Theft Auto Online Money

Money matters, and you’re not getting very far without it in GTA Online. The fastest and easiest way to some moolah is probably to steal cars and then send them to Los Santos Customs. Vehicles like the Baller and the Lampadati Felon are worth $9000 and $9500 respectively. It can be a long and tedious task, but then again, what online games don’t require you to grind anyway?

A rainy day

Grand Theft Auto Online Robbery

Just like in real life, be sure to deposit your earnings in the bank. As you lose a portion of it when you die, carrying around too much at any given time is never a good idea. Thanks to the Internet, you can perform such transactions with your phone, so don’t bother doing so at the ATM, as you’re very likely to be targeted there.

Get in the chopper

Grand Theft Auto Online Helicopter

Because the ground will definitely be hostile, you’d want to get somewhere a lot safer. Helicopters spawn at a heliport pad opposite the Puerto Del Sol Marina in La Puerto, while there’s another one at Trevor’s Shandy Shores airfield. Unlike the airport or the military base, these aren’t heavily guarded.

Highway to the Danger zone

Grand Theft Auto Online Jet Plane

One you have the helicopter in hand, you can go after the bigger prize which is the jet fighter. Just swoop into the military base at low altitude and you will see two jets almost right away, one right by the fence near the runway itself, the other over the other side, closer to the buildings. Land the chopper as close as you can and make a mad dash for it. You will instantly get five stars but once you’re in the air, nothing can stop you.

Thanks for the memories

Grand Theft Auto Online Selfie

Not much of a tip, but something you should take note of either way. Many, many insane moments are to be had in this game, so make use of the in-game photo-taking functionality and capture all those times you ran away from the military in your underpants.




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