Pokemon Battle Royale – Finals Round 2

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is upon us! Julian has a convincing win over Wilsonz in the previous match, and we’ll see if he can repeat that again. Heaven or hell:


Excadrill, Smeargle, Lucario, Rotom, Exploud, Talonflame


Kangaskhan, Goodra, Aegislash, Aerodactyl, Greninja, Rotom

Play by Play Summary

Wilsonz kicks things off yet again with an old school Aerodactyl, against Julian’s Smeargle, who takes an immediate critical hit. Julian buys time with his sleep attack, but it isn’t enough to save him. Rotom takes the stage for Julian, with Wilsonz recalling the prehistoric one in exchange for Goodra. Rotom initiates with a Volt Switch, but it does little against Goodra! What a play by Wilsonz! Talonflame gets swapped in, dealing massive damage to Goodra with Brave Bird, killing it off in one hit. Wilsonz uses his own Rotom, against Julian’s own, only to then swap it with an Aegislash. The battle takes a slower pace, as Julian heals up with leftovers, while Aegislash buffs up his attack. Julian capitalises on this and deals big damage to Aegislash, which dies to burn attacks. Wilsonz summons his Rotom yet agan against Julian’s Exploud, only to die in the same turn. What a tragedy! Swift like the wind, Greninja pops out of nowhere and takes the offensive against Exploud, who gets felled. Talonflame re-emerges and finishes the ninja, putting a halt to Wilsonz’s momentum. Kangaskhan takes its fallen brethren’s place against an Excadrill, but doesn’t last very long against its earth attacks. Aerodactyl shows up once again to take down the Excadrill, to finally have flying versus flying final showdown against a Talonflame. Talonflame takes out Aerodactyl in a very close matchup, is also out for the count as well. Ladies and gentlemen, this is as close as a double knockout we have gotten so far. Unfortunately for Wilsonz, Julian still has Rotom and Lucario in the bench, so this can only mean one thing:

Congratulations to Julian for being the Grand Champion in the inaugural Pokemon Battle Royale.


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