MOGA Ace iOS7 game controller leaked

@evleaks is a name you’d normally associate with mobile phone news, but this time around, they’ve managed to uncover the MOGA AceĀ iOS 7 controller. First off, it has a 1800mAh battery which is pretty much unheard of in any controller that’s in the market right now. In addition, it’s got dual analog sticks and a slider design that looks like it’ll be a bit more easy to just toss in your bag, not to mention replicating what an actual modern day controller looks like, in this case, resembling the Xbox 360’s offering.


As with most leaks from @evleaks, this is pretty much all we know for the time being. It certainly is interesting that more and more manufacturers have stepped up to design complement devices for mobile devices, highlighting the fact that touch screen gaming is far too limited considering the amount of games out there.

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