Modern Combat 5 – Answering the call of duty yet again

After what can be considered a break, Gameloft has finally released the latest version of their flagship FPS game, Modern Combat 5: Blackout. While it doesn’t have any in-app purchases, Gameloft has made it always online even for single player missions. This is likely going to be more annoying for people especially those on the move, and having to frequently wait for the game to reconnect to the servers.


As with the previous versions of the game, the story is lackluster and boring. Most of the action takes place in Venice, Italy and around Japan, divided into six chapters that each have story missions, spec-ops and multiplayer missions. To progress in the story, you need to finish all the story missions with a few spec-ops or multiplayer missions in the current chapter to unlock the next. The download is kept light with only the first three missions bundled in, and allowing the other chapters to be downloaded at a later time. The story is very predictable with lots of deaths and features lazy voice acting on the main character.



Fortunately, the gameplay has not been changed drastically and remains fun without much change in the controls, good for fans. There is also support for third-party controllers. FPS games are probably still not well suited to touchscreen but this game shows that it can be done, if not perfectly. Shooting is on auto-aim and makes it easy to land headshots, but melee combat is awkward since the button only appears when you are really close to a target. There is something like Bullet Time during sniping missions which look really cool.


You also can shoot from jeeps and boats to fill the tropes, with good presentation and controls. The AI in the game are dumb and like the duck and shoot tactic which would be easy enough for veterans to handle. Four classes – Recon, Assault, Heavy and Sniper – are available with customizable Loadouts with parts of your guns upgraded over time. Quick time events are also in and while some feel unnecessary, they are also few in number.


Graphics and sound

There’s a lot of lens flare, but it’s definitely one pretty game, with high quality textures abound. Despite this, even during the most action packed sequences there are no drops in framerate. The background music is also done well, with key moments accompanied by great effects.



You can go solo or squad for team-based multiplayer modes with five modes available: free-for-all, VIP, Squad Battle, Capture the Flag and Team Battle without much changes to the formula. The VIP mode features one player randomly selected as a VIP in the team and they score extra on kills.



Singleplayer is good for about three hours with arguably most of the time spent on multiplayer. It’s good for a mindless romp with great detail in the destruction.


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