Make your own fighting game today with EF-12

Always wanted to develop your very own fighting game? Doujin publisher Playism has just released EF-12, a 3D fighting game engine that can be modded. Just like another similar program (Mugen), you have the ability to tweak every aspect of the fighting game—from fighters to stages to move sets.

While accessible even to beginners, you’re going to probably need a very particular skillset in things like 3D drawings and other such game industry skills if you want to turn it into a completely custom fighter. Thankfully, EF-12 features a set of tutorials that will help newbies develop their very own content without much hassle. In short, your game gets better the more skilled you are, so think of this as having a master a completely different set of skills for your fighting game.

The game is both available on the creator’s website and on Steam Greenlight.

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