Kiwi Dash zips into Google Play and iTunes

GAMEVIL has today announced the launch of its latest title, Kiwi Dash, on App Store and Google Play. The free-to-play game is a casual endless runner, which features a cast of lovable Kiwis and some not-so loving cats.

Kiwi Dash takes place moments after a totem is stolen from the tranquil Kiwi haven. Players will need to help our Kiwis jump, dodge, dash, and fly through dangerous obstacles to retrieve the stolen totem from the mischievous cats. By collecting kiwi fruits along the way, players can unlock new Kiwis, items, and power-ups to go farther than ever. Players can also complete daily and weekly missions to level up their Kiwis for higher bonuses and scores. Featuring Facebook connect, skills can then be put to test against friends and family for weekly ranking honors.

“We feel fortunate to have partnered with such a large mobile games publisher in GAMEVIL,” stated David Hahn, CEO of Vanilla Breeze. “Their know-how has enabled our game to evolve from a simple, single-play action game into one more social and competitive with long term vision.”

Kiwi Dash will be run as a service with new characters, content, and events introduced regularly. Players can also join its community for more news and updates.


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