Investors want Microsoft to end the Xbox One

Microsoft’s new big boss Satya Nadella is being pressured to restore Microsoft to its former glory, and among one of the many tasks he has to do is apparently terminating the Xbox, Surface, and Bing in order to go back to what the company was built on – selling software to businesses.


This report comes by way of the Washington Post, which reported that influential investors were nudging Nadella to commit. Windows profits last year were at $9.5 billion, dropping from $11.6 billion in 2012 and $12.3 billion in 2011, due to lower consumer sales. In addition to that, unsold Surface sales also contributed to a $900 million loss. ┬áThe biggest loss however, comes from┬áBing, which reported a $1.3 billion loss in 2013. Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates are still on the board, with the latter being asked by Nadella for advice on products, so it doesn’t look like any of the above will be killed off anytime soon. Also, it’s hard to imagine to landscape without Microsoft’s presence, since competition in the console business is definitely a good thing.

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