How playing online games can help you in life

Online games, particularly Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games – or the less taxing MMORPGs – tend to be known as life-sucking, addicting hobbies, but not necessarily. While a lot of people are quick to pass ill judgement before anything else, playing MMORPGs can provide some life lessons, believe it or not. You start off with nothing, no resources, skills or any idea what to do with everything out to get you. Virtually all MMORPGs generally work on the same basic framework, so while you work on improving your virtual character, some things you pick up find use outside the game world too.


  • Defaults aren’t always the most efficient

You could get overwhelmed by the mass number of things you would think of binding a key to in order to be more efficient in your game. Depending on how customisable a game is, you could activate several things at once without needing to stretch your fingers across the keyboard too much. You could do the same to your various applications in work, using just a single key to simultaneously open several windows of things you would need at once.

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  • Learn local customs to advance quickly

At some point in your life, you’ll have to go into something new and somehow have to quickly familiarise yourself with your situation. People won’t necessarily slow down for you to catch up, like how vicious some players could get if you didn’t understand what they were saying. Watch and learn, and you won’t be the new guy for ever.

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  • Starting over could be easier than you think

No matter what it could be, people generally dislike having to pick up new skills again, preferring the old, familiar ways. While it’s lower risk in games, generally needing only time, there are still occasions where you cannot afford it. However, you’d already know the basics, and you can get back to work in no time.

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  • Things you enjoy can be a chore

Yes, you could enjoy what you do for work, but it doesn’t mean it would stay fun all the time and inevitably you’d hit a low and find it boring and unchanging. The point would be not skipping around to avoid a grind, but to find something worth the grind.


  • Selling things isn’t that hard

Trading is essential both in games and in real life. How would you know you’re earning enough to make back your costs? In games, you’d just need to look at other listed prices to find out what things are worth selling, then put it up at a price for those who want it.


  • Learn to let go

Games like World of Warcraft require a subscription fee to continue playing. You could keep paying it if you could justify the cost, but when you realize you don’t play as much to get your money’s worth, you need to know when to stop. In life, you need to know when you’re not getting as much out of something as you should, then move on to better prospects.

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