World War Z: Pop pop pop, watchin’ undeads drop

The warning signs are all here: World War Z is game tie-in with the movie of the same name, and it should be right be an awful attempt to cash-in on the latter’s popularity. Thankfully enough, the game is able to stand on its own two undead feet, though it’s far from perfect.


One of the main draws of this game is easily its detailed and polished graphics. As far as zombie games go, this is certainly up there with the best of the lot, namely Dead Trigger.


You are a man trying to reach his loved ones while fending off zombies, exploring and completing a puzzle or two. You stay in place during fighting segments, your gun shooting automatically when the crosshair is on an enemy. Exploring just requires a tap in the desired direction, tapping any highlighted items that may be of interest. The melee controls to push off zombies or dodge their attacks are generally unresponsive, which mars other sections of the game which are fairly reasonable.


For a movie tie-in, World War Z is pretty enjoyable in its own right, until you realise you’re playing yet another zombie shooter. The melee controls might need a little getting used to, however. There’s also the various in app purchases that could be a turn off in the long run.



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